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URgmail: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this service offered?
URgmail was implemented as an upgrade from the previous student email service, The new service provides students with far more storage (7GB), makes finding contact information and sharing documents much easier, and implements a Calendar platform for better time management.

What features are available in URgmail?
Web based access to email allows for easy access from any computer with Internet access and a web browser. Integrated email features include spell check, folder functionality and rule management, configurable email filters, incoming and outgoing virus scan, anti-spam mechanism, and faculty and staff address books. There are limited banners or advertisements. 7 gigabytes of storage allows you to store more messages and documents. In addition, students will have full access to Google′s Documents and Calendar features, which integrate fully with the new platform.

How do I set up URgmail with an @Rochester (′first.last') alias?
See this tutorial.

I have set up an @Rochester alias, but still see my default URgmail address when logged in to URgmail. Is my @Rochester alias working properly?
Your @Rochester alias will not show up in the top right corner of your URgmail environment, but that's OK - the alias should still work. If it doesn't, please contact the Student Help Desk at 275-2000, Option 1.

I have a URgmail account and have graduated, or am about to graduate. How long will my URgmail account work?
Indefinitely - there is no expiration date on your URgmail account. If anything changes, you will be notified by University IT well in advance of any potential shut-down date.

I already have a Gmail account. Can I put all of my messages into one Inbox?
Yes, you can. You will need to add the account first (either non-school into URgmail, or vice versa), and then add the imported account as a new personality (so that you can send messages from one Inbox). For more on the latter functionality, see our Tutorials page.

Can I forward URgmail messages to another Gmail account?
Yes, you can. Please be aware, however, that if you set up this forward, ALL messages in your URgmail Inbox will be forwarded to your separate Gmail Inbox.

How long will mail auto-forward from my old account?
The forward will remain in place as long as you maintain a student relationship with the University. Once you graduate, transfer, or leave, your account will be disabled and forwarding will stop approximately 4 months after you depart.

I have forgotten my email password. How do I have it reset?
You will have to fill out the reset password request form (you will need to know your Student ID number). For assistance, contact the IT Center Student Help Desk at 275-2000, Option 1. If you do change your NetID password and you have POP/IMAP access enabled for your email, you will have to re-synchronize your password.

What is my official URgmail address?
The addresses are structured as follows: '' where 'YourNetID' is your NetID.

How do I log in to my URgmail account?
Click here and enter your NetID and NetID password.

Can I transfer BlackBoard calendar information to my URgmail account?
Blackboard (or the student portal) calendar does not support the import or export data functions, so you won’t be able to transfer Blackboard calendar information to your URgmail calendar and vice versa.

Can I transfer Entourage calendar information to my URgmail account?
Transferring calendar information from Entourage to your URgmail calendar directly is not supported. You can, however, transfer your Entourage calendar to iCal (Macintosh) and then transfer that iCal information to your URgmail calendar.

How can I be sure that I am logged out of URgmail?
Clicking "sign out" or simply closing your browser window will log you out of URgmail.

How do I find my professor's email address using URgmail?
Click ″Compose Mail.″ Under the ″To:″ field, click ″Choose from Contacts.″ Enter the last name of the person you're searching for; their name should pop up. Clicking that name will add that person to the ″To:″ field.

Can I make URgmail my default email application so that it opens when I click email links in a web browser?
You can. Currently, you'll need Firefox 3 installed in order to do this; Google provides its own instructions on how to set this up. Once completed, this will work for URgmail as well.

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