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Network Registration Policy Key Installation for Windows

After successfully authenticating on the network registration web site, you are prompted to install a Policy Key software agent as seen below:


After reading the full policy, select "Yes, I will install the Safe•Connect software agent (Policy Key) and accept the terms and conditions for Internet Use."


Validate that the screen above indicates that the source is "," and select "Save File."  If it does not indicate "," contact University IT at 585-275-2000 for assistance.


The publisher should be "Impulse Point LLC."  If it is not, contact University IT at 585-275-2000.  If it matches, click "Run" to begin installing the client.


Click "Install" to finish the installation.


You have successfully installed the Safe•Connect Policy Key software agent and may now proceed with your browser or any network-enabled applications.  Thank you for helping to protect the University of Rochester network.

More Information

See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for additional information about network registration.

If you need further assistance with myIdentity or network registration, contact University IT at 275-2000 or