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DNS Domain Name Governance

Motivation and Context

Host and domain names in the Internet's DNS infrastructure carry significant marketing and branding value.

The third-level namespace under in the DNS infrastructure is a University-wide resource.

Most institutions reserve this name space for
     ●  names of organizational sub-divisions  (e.g.
     ●  names of institution-wide activities or services  (e.g.

The overarching goal that this policy supports is to present a coherent and unified image of the University to the public.


All third-level host or domain names under will be registered with University IT, the data custodian of this namespace.

Governance Procedure

1.  The leadership of each University division may designate an IT representative and a marketing representative who will have the authority to review proposed names covered by this policy.  Each division's leadership may choose to make two, one, or no designations.

2.  University IT will maintain an e-mail distribution list of these designees, updating the list whenever new designations are received from the divisions' leadership.

3.  Requests to register a name covered by this policy may be submitted to University IT via its Help Desk (275-2000,

4.  When University IT receives a request, it will forward the request to the distribution list, with notice that the requested name will be registered if no objection is raised within five business days.  University IT may include with the forwarded request information about technical feasibility or possible conflicts with other requests or plans.

5.  Those on the distribution list will apply the following guidance to their deliberations.  A third-level name under

a. may be the commonly known name or initials of

i. a division, department, or administrative unit of the University; or
ii. a program, service, or activity that serves the goals of or the members of multiple divisions of the University; or
iii. a wayfinding service that aggregates links to similar services in multiple divisions;

b. is not ambiguous, for example, because the proposed name is in common use for different purposes in different divisions.

6.  Any objection or concern with a request may be discussed by the designees via the distribution list.  The designees of the division from which the request came will gather any information required from that division to make a decision.

7.  Any objection or concern that is not resolved at this level will be raised to the VP for IT and the VP for Communications for a decision.

8.  If the requestor states that the request requires immediate action, that it cannot be delayed by five business days, University IT may at its discretion implement the request immediately if technically feasible, but will notify the requestor that the name is subject to revocation if any designee objects to it within five business days.

9.  Previously registered third-level names may be revoked at the direction of the VP for IT and VP for Communications.

10.  Governance of fourth-level namespaces under approved third-level names is delegated to the requester of the third-level name.  The requester may choose to use University IT as the data custodian of this fourth-level namespace rather than operate a separate DNS infrastructure.

Content of Third-Level Name Requests

1.  Proposed fully qualified name  (e.g.

2.  Whether the name will be used for

a. a domain,

b. a host,

c. a virtual address through which traffic will be distributed to one or more hosts

3.  Description of the service(s) to be provided via this name, including a description of the University business purpose or activity that will be served via this third-level name

4.  If the name is a domain, a description of the DNS infrastructure on which the domain will be hosted – University IT, divisional, departmental, etc.  Also, the contact information of the technical administrator of that DNS infrastructure

5.  If the name is a host or virtual address, the contact information of the application or content administrator of the service(s) to be provided via this name

6.  The contact information of the requestor