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Networking & Communications

Director: Robert Evangelista  |  Organizational Chart

Team members in Networking and Communications work with IT peers across the University to provide a robust, secure, and enabling technology environment.  This multi-layered environment is made up of infrastructure, applications, services, and specialized support teams.

Networking and Communications is responsible for the design, implementation and evolution of the intercampus wide-area network and network services that support or augment departmentally managed services.  Our responsibilities include collaborative network planning, high speed Internet connectivity, testing of new technologies, capacity planning, performance monitoring, IP address maintenance and distribution, and troubleshooting network problems.

Email services, based upon need, are provided for University faculty, staff, and students.  These services include email, calendaring, distribution lists and online directories.  In addition to these email services, several departments maintain local mail services for use by members of their own departments. 

Other services we support and manage include wired and wireless telephone services, cellular, paging and operator services.    

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