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Teleconference services are available for faculty and staff conducting University and Medical Center business.  Conference calls can be initiated using the University's telephone system or arranged by University IT.  Listed below are the teleconference options and current pricing:

University Telephone

AT&T Conference Call

UNIVERSITY TELEPHONE - Manually initiate a conference call (included in monthly telephone service rate) 
Conference calling for up to 8 participants using the University's telephone system.

To initiate a conference call:

  1. Pick up handset; wait for dial tone
  2. Place first call
  3. Press [TRANSFER]
  4. Place second call
  5. Press [CONF] - This is now a three-way call
  6. Continue [TRANSFER] and [CONF] steps until all desired participants are present


  • If you try to conference someone in and their line is busy, press [TRANSFER] to return to the conference call
  • If you reach someone's voicemail, press #9 to exit their voicemail greeting and return to the conference call
  • External parties can be joined to the call – dial their number as you would if you were dialing direct [9+external number]
  • To mute your line while the call is in progress, activate the [MUTE] feature via the softkey beneath the telephone's display
  • Silence your mobile and computing devices to reduce background noise on the call
  • If the initiator of the conference call needs to disconnect from the call, they must activate the [CKEEP] feature via the softkey beneath the telephone's display before hanging up (display phones only)

AT&T CONFERENCE CALL - Arranged conference call ($.03/min per participant)
If the University Conference Bridge is fully allocated or you require special features such as recurring/always available calls, conference recording, or participant reporting, you may request a conference call through AT&T.  AT&T conference calls can be arranged to accommodate up to 125 participants.

To initiate a call using AT&T:

  1. Contact the IT Help Desk at (585) 275-2000 or
  2. The University IT Help Desk schedules the call and provides you with an access code, host password, and local and toll-free dial-in numbers
  3. Distribute the access code and dial-in numbers to your participants
  4. Dial in at the scheduled time - as participants dial in, they will be added to the conference call


  • When a participant joins the call, active members of the call will hear a tone announcing their arrival
  • When a participant disconnects from the call, active members of the call will hear a tone signaling their departure
  • A complete list of host and participant commands is available here. Note that some of the commands may incur additional fees for use
  • AT&T conference calls are "reservationless" and can be initiated at any time using the host information
  • AT&T conference calls will expire if not used within a six month period
  • When requesting a conference call, please provide the number of participants, the name of the person hosting the call, and the extension that the call will be billed to


If you have additional teleconferencing needs, please contact (585) 275-2000 or email the IT Help Desk at