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Acceptable Use Policy

Responsible Use of Electronic Resources

The following applies to any electronic systems at the University of Rochester.

Different systems on which you have accounts or a login name will have specific acceptable use policies (AUP's). Some are more detailed and specific than others, but their intent is to give you an idea of what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do. Be sure to read the documentation you receive when you activate your account. Be aware that some rules are prominently displayed upon logging on to a specific system (sometimes appearing as a "banner"), and that those are the rules to which you will be held accountable. Violating the rules is serious and in some cases may constitute a criminal offense. Being found guilty could lead to, judicial action, criminal charges and/or expulsion from the University. Acceptable Use Policies are spelled out for each organization that owns or is contracted out to provide an electronic resource to the University community.

Acceptable Use of UR Electronic Resources:

  1. Use resources for Authorized Purposes only
  2. Be responsible for anything originating from your system or your userID (login name)
  3. Only access what you have been given permission to access
  4. Use only copyrighted software or data
  5. Refrain from overloading resources

Unacceptable Use of UR Electronic Resources:

  1. Use another person's system, userID, data, files or password without permission
  2. Use hacking programs, willfully spread viruses to break system security or disrupt services
  3. Make illegal copyrighted materials, store them on systems owned or maintained by the University or transmit them on networks owned by the University
  4. Use email or messaging services to harass, intimidate or threaten others
  5. Use University systems for personal gain
  6. Use University systems for illegal purposes

ResNet Network AUP for any networks owned by ResLife and the Residential College

Computer Fraud and Abuse

Federal and New York State laws prohibit access to or modification of information on computers without authorization.

Computers and the Law: Federal Copyright Law

Copyright grants authors certain exclusive rights. Works of literature, photographs, music, software, film and video can be copyrighted. Examples of violation include making unauthorized copies of copyrighted software, text, graphical images, audio and video files or distributing such materials over networks. The University of Rochester does not condone or tolerate the unauthorized copying of licensed commercial materials by staff, faculty or students. Any individual or University department engaged in unauthorized copying or use may face disciplinary proceedings, civil suits, criminal charges, penalties and fines. Copying, sharing or receiving commercial software, music, video or other copyrighted material very likely violates the U.S. Copyright Act. Law enforcement and industry officials actively pursue violators. If you are taken to court, it will be up to you and your attorneys to defend your actions. Saying “I wasn’t selling it” or “Everyone else is doing it” will not get you off the hook.

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