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Personal Web Pages

Personal web pages available at the University

Space for personal web pages is available to all users on the system as well as other University systems. All users who create personal web pages must follow University IT and University policies, and local, state, and federal laws.

When creating personal web pages on University systems:

  • Do not use web pages to promote commercial or non-profit activities that are not approved by the University.
  • Do not use web pages as a medium to harass, threaten, or transmit libelous information regarding another person.
  • Do not use web pages as a medium to transmit or store copyrighted or licensed material.
  • Do not attempt to run CGI scripts (using perl, php, or any other scripting languages) and/or any other programs via a personal web page.
  • Do not use web pages to circumvent security measures on any computer system.
  • Do not attempt to misrepresent yourself or anyone else on your web page.
  • Do not attempt to modify another person's web page.
  • Do not create web pages that abuse system resources.

Any complaints regarding student web pages that contain obscene, racist, misleading, or offensive material will be referred to the Assistant Dean of Students Office. The user with these questionable web pages will be allowed to maintain them until a final decision is made by the University Administration.