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Spam Management

The University has replaced PureMessage with Proofpoint Enterprise Protection to protect University email addresses from spam, phishing messages, and other malicious email. You are automatically enrolled in Proofpoint. Proofpoint also protects all mailing lists and distribution lists.

While Proofpoint will filter most of the spam and phishing messages sent to your inbox, no filtering service is 100% perfect. University IT continues to make adjustments to blocking techniques to respond to innovations by spammers.

How It Works

Email suspected to be spam is stored in a quarantine area for two weeks where it can be reviewed and retrieved if necessary. Quarantine digests, summary lists of spam messages addressed to you, are automatically emailed once daily to notify you when spam has been added to your quarantine. You can review quarantined email by logging in to the Spam Quarantine Portal with your NetID. You can also retrieve emails that were quarantined in error, whitelist or blacklist senders, and enable or disable quarantine digests in this portal.

Log In to Spam Quarantine

Log into spam quarantine portal 

Need Help?

Review the FAQs and Tutorials for answers to common questions.

Contact the IT Help Desk at 275-2000 or for assistance.