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MySQL with phpMyAdmin Tutorial

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Inserting and Updating Data

Inserting Data

  • After selecting a database and table, click on the Insert tab.
    the insert tab
  • If your id field is set to auto-increment, you can leave it blank.
  • If you have a field of type date time, you can set its value to the current date and time using the NOW function.
    the datesubmitted field and now function
  • Fill in the rest of the fields.
  • Select either "Go back . . ." or "Insert another . . ." and press Go.
    the go back and insert another options

Editing a Single Row

  • Find the row that you want to edit using either the Browse or Select tab.
  • Click the edit link on the left of the row.
    the edit link of a row
  • Update any fields and press Go.

For More Advanced Updating:

Updating Multiple Rows (Using SQL codes)

  • You can use the SQL tab to run UPDATE queries or any other query.
    the SQL tab
  • Decide how to describe the data you want to update.
  • This is the general form of a query:
    • SELECT <fieldnames> FROM <tablename> WHERE <conditions>
  • Test your description using a SELECT query, for example:
    • SELECT id, firstname FROM people
      • selects all rows in table people and displays only the contents of the id and firstname fields
    • SELECT * FROM people
      • displays every field of every row in table people
    • SELECT id FROM people WHERE age > 21
      • displays the id of each row whose's age field is greater than 21
      • field age must be of type INT (integer)
    • SELECT id FROM people WHERE age >= 40 AND age < 65
      • displays the id of each row whose's age field is greater than or equal to 40 and less than 65
  • After pressing Go and viewing your selected data, edit your query by clicking on the edit link.
    query completed block
  • Update the selected rows by editing your query:
    • Replace the part of the query before the table name with UPDATE
    • Before the WHERE clause, add a "SET" clause, for example:
      • UPDATE people SET processed = 'yes' WHERE age = 18
      • UPDATE people SET age = 19 WHERE age = 18
  • "affected rows" text tells you how many rows modified.
    affected rows block