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MySQL with phpMyAdmin Tutorial

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Viewing Data


  • After selecting a database and table, click on the Browse tab.
    the browse tab
  • This view shows every row in the selected table but does not nessessarily show all of them in the same page. You can simply click next page at the bottom to get to rows beyond 30.
  • Click on a column heading to sort by that column.
    column heading
  • Click on the ">" button to view the next 30 rows.
    show block

Searching with "Select"

  • You can use the Select tab to search for rows.
    the select tab
  • Enter a value for a field and press Go to select all rows matching that value.
    search by id field
  • To do a general search on a text field, surround the word with percent signs.
    search comment field with percent sign

The variable "LIKE" & "=" are very much alike. The slightest difference is that when typing in "=", it searches for the only variable. Yet, "LIKE" searches anything that may have similarity.