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Instructions: Fill in all fields on this form.  Space account numbers represent the department(s)
for which access and update of Space and Equipment data is being requested.

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                                        URSpace                                Equipment Administrator
  Add new user with access to selected department(s)
Add access to existing user for selected department(s)
Remove access
to selected department(s) for user
Remove all access rights to URSpace for this user

Space Account Number(s) and /
 or Department Name(s): 

  Add new equipment administrator
Add access to existing equipment administrator
Remove all access
for equipment administrator

Include certification access (one person per department)

Department Numbers or Names

This form must be approved by your Department Head or Chair and by the URSpace Site Administrator and/or System Administrator
before access to the URSpace system and the selected department(s) will be granted

* Please contact the individuals below if you need help with your Space account number(s).

Juliette Goodwin x 5-2675
Medical Center
Paul Spaulding 749-3188
River Campus
Jennifer Manning x 5-0942
Systems Administrator
Property Accounting  x 5-0844

By entering the appropriate Department Head or Chair's e-mail address below, this request will be routed for approval.
Department Head or Chair's e-mail address:
*** Important:  Please read these data access guidelines ***

The access or use of any space or equipment data for one's own personal gain or profit, for the personal gain or profit of others, or to satisfy one's own curiosity or that of others is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN.  Also forbidden is the disclosure or distribution of space or equipment data in any medium, except as required by this employee's job responsibilities.  Violations of these guidelines will be dealt with seriously, up to and possibly including termination.  By submitting this request for data access, you agree to abide by these guidelines.