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University IT is pleased to continue a service solution that will allow users to more easily connect their computers to the University network from any participating location on Campus.  This service uses DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to automatically configure the network settings necessary when connecting a computer to the network.  This will in many cases eliminate the need for users to manually set network address information on their computers (similar to connecting a computer to a cable modem at home).  To use the service, the department, or area an individual works in would need to apply for the departments overall use of this University IT Service. 
Contact the IT Center at or (585)275-2000. 


  • Portability
  • No reconfiguration necessary / plug & play.  Standard parameters sent by the service to each PC automatically
  • Ease of use.  PCs and Macs do not have to be rebooted for the DHCP addressing to be in effect.
  • Simple to support.  Configuration for network administrators is standardized and is also flexible to the needs of those using the service.
  • Support for any operating system that supports DHCP, with clien support focused on PC and Mac.  Refer to the Desktop Support Documentation
  • Capability, where required, to allocate reserved DHCP addresses for special needs devices.



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