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Student Telephone Service Contract

IN-ROOM TELEPHONE SERVICE INCLUDES: telephone and voicemail service, five-digit on-campus calling, free local calls, access to 800 number calling services, 24-hour help and information. To learn more about the features and functionality on the University’s telephone system take a quick look at our reference guides.

* First Name
* Last Name
* Student ID What is my Student ID Number?
* Building and Room Number
* Contact: Telephone or Email
Alternate Contact: Telephone or Email
Please select your in-room telephone service:
Semester:   $130.45 Fall Spring
Annual:   $175.90 Fall & Spring
Summer:   $115.00
Summer semester is 3 months
    (mid-May through mid-August)
* Acknowledgement I have read the terms and conditions of the University of Rochester's telephone service and agree to assume full responsibility for all charges applicable to my telephone service.
I understand that payment is required prior to telephone service activation. Check or Money Order should be payable to University IT, and sent to:
  Networking & Communications
  c/o University IT
  PO Box 278937
  Rochester NY 14627-8937

* Required information