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Did you receive a "Login authentication failure occurred" message? Some reasons this might be the case:

  1. Your account might not exist yet!
    1. Accounts for most employees aren't created until the morning of their official start date.
    2. Accounts for most students aren't created until their deposit is received and entered into the student system.
  2. Your NetID account name might be different.
    1. Medical Center employees receive two accounts: a NetID account, and a URMC Active Directory account. Your account names might be different between the two accounts. To find your NetID account name, return to the "Login" page and click the "Forgot NetID?" link.
  3. Your NetID password might not have been set.
    1. If this is your first time logging into the myIdentity web site, please return to the "Login" page and click the "First time logging into myIdentity Self Service?" link. This page will verify your identity by asking you some questions, and then let you set your initial NetID password.

Still unable to log in? Contact us