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04/12/07 00:00: Virus Outbreak Alert

Message: 5:00 pm update - Sophos released protection for the latest outbreak for files in zip format at 4pm and did the same for PIF and EXE files at about 5:05pm. By 5:30pm, systems that refresh protection will be in good shape. Sophos updates every 30 minutes to an individual's computer. Therefore, you should still exercise caution until either your anti-virus package from Sophos is updated as of 5pm tonight, or you manually update the protection. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some computer systems on the University network have been sent an e-mail containing a virus. We are requesting that customers NOT open any unexpected attachments. E-mail subject lines may include "approved document", "your document is here", and "HI" among others. Please note that this problem is not limited only to the University. If you intend to use a home computer this evening, we recommend the same precautions with attachments. Anti-virus vendors are working on protection for this set of viruses. We are looking at part of this virus displaying itself where some customers may see undeliverable e-mail messages, purportedly sent by that customer. University IT staff are working on making the anti-virus protection available as soon as possible. We currently anticipate protection some time tonight. We will be monitoring the situation continuously.