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04/01/09 08:00: Critical Microsoft Security Patch


Urgent Alert: Potential security vulnerability

Purpose of Notice: A computer virus called Conficker is rumored to be released on April 1, 2009 to attack Windows based computers. To determine if the virus is present on your Windows computer, type in the address of a computer security company, such as; if you can connect to the site you are most likely not infected.

Microsoft released critical security upgrades in October 2008 that will protect against the Conficker virus. Microsoft indicates that users whose machines are updated with the current Microsoft security patches are not vulnerable to this virus.

This patch needs to be applied if your computer is not updated with the current Microsoft security patches.

If your computer is infected the possibility exists that you can infect any Windows-based USB (Universal Serial Bus) device that you plug into the computer. This includes USB flash drives, external hard drives and so on.

We also suggest that you consider computers that you use from off-campus, as they may also need these patches.

University IT is working with information technology representatives throughout the University community to assist them in notifying all faculty, staff and students about applying these critical patches. To obtain this patch or for more technical information visit:

Please contact us if you have questions regarding this notification.

Thank you,
University IT

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