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International Education Week:
What's Your Language?

November 17 - 21, 2014

Click "Playlist" in the video below (or view all the videos directly on YouTube) to view, and hear, more than fifty Rochester students, faculty and staff sharing their native or learned languages with us. How many of these languages do you recognize?

  • woman holding whiteboard: Nigera -Yoruba

    Monsurat Fabanwo '17

  • woman holding whiteboard with Chinese characters

    Ling He '17

  • woman holding whiteboard written in Arabic

    Shurouq Hijazi '16

  • woman holding whiteboard: Ghana TWI

    Erica Achiaa '17

  • man holding blank whiteboard

    Dmitry Kiselgof, Instructor
    Russia (Russian Sign Language)

  • woman holding whiteboard: Krio, Sierra Leone

    Darya Nicol '16
    US (Sierra Leone, Krio)

  • women holding whiteboard: Republica Dominican & Jamaica

    Diamonique Ballard & Angelica Stevens
    US (Dominican Republic) and US (Jamaica)

  • man holding whiteboard: Kinyarwanda (Reppin)

    Leslie Kaze '18 & Ian Manzi '18
    Rwanda (Kinyarwanda)

  • man holding whiteboard: Bengali

    Tanveer Karim '16
    Bangladesh (Bengali)

  • man and woman holding whiteboard: 868 sweet sweet TNT!

    Rory Stefan Affoon '15 & Sade Richardson '15
    Trinidad & Tobago

  • man holding whiteboard: Dean B USA

    Paul Burgett '68E, '76E (PhD)
    US (Greek)

  • Man holding whiteboard: Michael Dedes, Greek

    Michael Dedes, Student Activities
    US (Greek)

  • woman holding whiteboard: +267 Botswana, Pula Batswana!

    Gomolemo Caroline Modise '15

  • woman holding whiteboard: Chinese and German, immer besser!

    Yiyun Huang '18
    China (Chinese & German)

  • woman holding whiteboard: Hola! Oi! Hello!

    Jessica Guzmán-Rea '10W, Intercultural Center
    US (Spanish & Portuguese)

  • woman holding whiteboard

    Amy Esplain '16
    Amy Esplain '16, US (Navajo)

  • woman holding whiteboard: Siempre Palante!

    Anansa Benbow '15
    US ("Spanglish")

  • man holding whiteboard: Hola! Namaste! Tashi Delek!

    Se Hoon Kim '16
    US/South Korea (Tibetan)

  • woman holding whiteboard: French

    Jacqueline Levine, Study Abroad

  • woman holding whiteboard: Umutende Kuli Bonse! Ntemena

    Ntemena Kapula '18

  • woman holding whiteboard: American Sign Language

    Patricia Clark, Instructor
    American Sign Language

International Education Week Events

Week of 11/17 - 11/21

University of Rochester Study Abroad Networking Event
Monday, November 17 
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM 

  • Join fellow Rochester travelers for this unique virtual networking opportunity where career-related advice will be discussed and shared. Talk to alumni with international experience who are in a career field you are considering. Get advice on how to talk about your international experiences  in a professional setting, and about your career choice. Connect to alumni in a low-key, brief manner without having to dress up or leave your room!
  • This event is co-sponsored by the Center of Study Abroad, the Paul J. Burgett Intercultural Center, and Alumni Relations.
  • For more information and to register
  • If you have any questions about this event, please email

Global Service Symposium
Tuesday, November 18
5:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Gowen Room and Hirst Lounge

  • The value of international service is often overlooked, having educational and personal benefits through contributing to the global community.  Global Service Symposium is meant to serve as a gateway for communication, collaboration, and education of the many student groups and departments dedicated to global service here at the University. From 5:30-6pm there will be a panel in the Gowen Room comprised of faculty with global service experience, where they will share their experiences while fielding questions from the audience. From 6-8pm, each group will have a chance to table in Hirst Lounge where members are encouraged to walk around to see other groups and discuss similarities, connections, and resources available to students.

Native American Student Dinner
Wednesday, November 19
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Wallis Hall, Admissions Conference Room

  • Join Native members of the University community over traditional Native food and hear a Thanksgiving Address by Dalton LaBarge, of the Mohawk Language Group in Rochester.
  • RSVP: Carrie Trojanczyk

Global/Local Celebration Dinner
Wednesday, November 19
5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Danforth Dining Hall

  • Join us for a trip through the culinary world as UR Dining executes global cuisines using locally sourced ingredients. A variety of student groups will perform throughout the dinner showcasing their rich cultural heritages. 

11 “Least Livable” Cities? Discussion Panel
Thursday, November 20 
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Hoyt Auditorium

  • The 11 “Least Livable” Cities event will be a panel discussion based on a BusinessWeek article that came out this summer. The article looked at cities in the world that people would potentially want to live in or visit, and then distinguished the 11 “least livable” of these based on factors such as infrastructure and relative safety. At the U of R, we are lucky enough to have students from many of these places, and they have agreed to discuss their experiences of these cities in an all-campus event! Our panelists will introduce their cities and comment on what life there is like and what makes it less “livable” than other places. They will then answer any questions posed by the audience and the discussion leader. This will be a phenomenal and educational event that will analyze life in different areas of the world and pose solutions about how to improve livelihood from city to city.

Story of Us
Friday, November 21
12:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Hirst Lounge, Wilson Commons

  • With the increasing number of international students in U of R every year, it is challenging for the School and for students to hear every international students' perspectives, stories, or how to work with them and possibly help them. But despite of where we are from, we are all the members of Rochester Community.
  • Inspired by StoryCorps, this platform is for students, faculty, staff of University of Rochester and the public to share their stories, specifically with a focus on the issue of international students. Please join us to share our stories in a peaceful, friendly, transparent, and understanding environment. 

Millennials on the Move: Engendering Successful Youth Activism for
Fundamental Socio-Cultural Change
Friday, November 21
4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Schlegel Hall Room 207, Simon Business School

  • An Interdisciplinary discussion panel of faculty, staff and student activists will share their journeys, causes, and tips for becoming an effective activist in the community and beyond. Brought to you by the Paul J. Burgett Intercultural Center, Students for Liberty, College Democrats, College Reublicans, Students for a Democratic Society, and the Minority Student Advisory Board. 

Vice & Virtue Charity Date Auction
Friday, November 21
7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
May Room, Wilson Commons

Tickets are $10.00 at the Common Market

  • The Chinese Student’s Association invites you to our annual Dinner and Date Auction where current students volunteer to auction themselves to be “dates”. Dates can perform anything, from singing and dancing to origami, to impress everyone to bid higher on them. However, Dates will only need to have a photo taken and a slice of cake shared together with the auction winner. No actual date is forced upon the auction winner and volunteered “dates”. All proceeds will be donated to Charity. For the past few years we had donated to both LiNK (Liberty in North Korea, a sub-group of KASA) as well as UniCEF.