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Every Friday, we turn the homepage photos over to you -- students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents -- to see how you see the campus. Pick your favorite photos below. Each week's favorite earns a spot on the "Wall of Fame."

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Friday, February 1, 2013

the frozen Genesee River in front of the Interfaith chapelfrom Betty Lampe, parent
Frozen river.

Black and white photo of Rush Rheesfrom Shawn Denman, Financial Aid
Black and white shot of Rush Rhees.

snowy apartmentsfrom Longze Zhang, Biomedical Engineering postdoc
Whipple Park in snow.

Rush Rhees against sunsetfrom Jordan Schilling '15
Rush Rhees Library as seen from Susan B. Anthony Residence Halls.

walking trail and snow near campusfrom Sukanya Roy '16
Walking in a winter wonderland...

Eastman Quad in snow on a bright blue-sky dayfrom Yiyang Xu '15
Eastman Quad.