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Photo Friday "Wall of Fame"

Friday, January 4, 2013

view of campus from on top Rush Rhees from Aaron Schaffer '16
The view from the top of Rush Rhees.

cheering students in Wilson Commons from Heather Winegrad '13
The participants of the ASL Club's annual event, Sign Idol.

four students, holding chemistry flasks and labwarefrom Jennifer Moon '13
Chemical Engineering senior students of 'Team A' happily showing off their project, "Whey to Ethanol." This project was carried out in a semester long class, CHE 255, alongside 4 other projects run by the corresponding teams. Whey to go, Team A!!!

aerial view of campus from plane window from Marz Saffore '15
Going home for winter break. UR decided to make an appearance one last time while I was on the plane.

fingers and thumbs form heart in front of Rush Rhees from Julia Sklar '14
Saying goodbye to the best school before going abroad for a semester.

view of library tower from Wilson Commons from Ya Gao '16
Rush Rhees library.