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Rainbow Graduation

We're proud to report that this year we had 71 students participate in Rainbow Graduation! Some students indicated they preferred that their names not be shared publicly, so this list doesn't reflect all of our Rainbow Grads, but includes many of them.
Congratulations to all of you! We'll miss each and every one of you, and we know you'll go on to change the world. Please keep in touch!
Isabel Anderson
Emily Bader
Gianna Balassone
Carter Ball
Oren Bazer
Victoria Bebber
John Beebe
Naomi Boxman
Braulio A. Cappas
Gerardo J. Zambrano Cavazos
Lee Deary
Michael DiGregorio
Elizabeth Easley
John Richard Egan
Carly Eisen
Emma Foley
Emily Forbes
Grace Foulis
Olivia Giovannini-Dolan
Kerrie Go
Aaron Goldin
Elijah William Hale
Hana Kallen
Svarina Karwanyun
Bastian Lehmann
Isabella Marie Leighton
Lilo Blank
Liora London
Tiffany Nicholas
David Nickels
Ashley Nielsen
Miles C Perry
Sa Mekh Drew Jakeh Harris Reed
Tasha Schapiro
Ewan Shannon
Nina Stash
LaChelle Nadine Stewart
Brendan Stone
Brianna Terrell
Alicia Thome
Brianna Marie Zavala
Sisipho Zinja