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Faculty Experts Directory

The Arts

Janet Catherine Berlo

Areas of expertise: Indigenous art, American quilt history, nineteenth century American visual culture

John Covach

Areas of expertise: History of Rock and Roll, Analysis of Popular Music, The Beatles, Music Theory

Douglas Crimp

Areas of expertise: Contemporary art, criticism and theory, sexuality and representation, queer theory, Andy Warhol

Rachel Haidu

Areas of expertise: Modern European and American art, contemporary art, critical theory, postwar Europe, postcommunist Eastern European art.

Heather Layton

Areas of expertise: Contemporary Art-Making, Drawing, Painting, Conceptual Art, Live Art, Intervention Art, Installation, Community-Based Art, Art Diplomacy, Art and Activism

Cary Peppermint

Areas of expertise: New media, performance, and environmental art.

Allen Topolski

Areas of expertise: Studio art; Markings, Methods, and Materials; Advanced Sculpture; Drawing