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Faculty Experts Directory


Govind P. Agrawal

Areas of expertise: Fiber optics, lasers, optical communications

Andrew J. Berger

Areas of expertise: Biomedical optics, raman spectroscopy

Robert W. Boyd

Areas of expertise: Nonlinear Optics

Thomas G. Brown

Areas of expertise: Brown has conducted research in semiconductors, optoelectronics, and optical engineering. His early research focused on frequency-stable semiconductor laser design and silicon-based waveguide technology, including the first experimental observation of all-optical switching in a nonlinear Bragg reflector. His publications have twice (1993 and 2000) been cited among the best optics-related research by Optics and Photonics News. Brown's recent research activities have included: 1) Switching and modulation in optically-resonant periodic electrode structures; 2) Optical metrology of aspheric optical surfaces for projection lithography and other reflective imaging applications; 3) Focusing and imaging of cylindrical vector beams. The latter has been applied to semiconductor lithography and inspection, and single molecule imaging.

James R. Fienup

Areas of expertise: Unconventional imaging, phase retrieval, wavefront sensing, and image reconstruction and restoration

Chunlei Guo

Areas of expertise: High-Intensity Laser-Matter Interactions, Ultrafast Phenomena

Stephen D. Jacobs

Areas of expertise: Optical Manufacturing, Liquid Crystal Optics

Wayne H. Knox

Areas of expertise: Ultrafast Sciences and Technology, Telecommunications, Ultrafast Biomedical Optics, Optics Education

Robert L. McCrory

Areas of expertise: Theoretical plasma and laser physics

Duncan T. Moore

Areas of expertise: Optical Engineering, Lens Design, Manufacturing, & Gradient-Index Optics

Roman Sobolewski

Areas of expertise: Solid state and quantum electronics

Carlos R. Stroud

Areas of expertise: quantum optics, quantum weirdness, Schrodinger's cat, quantum entanglement, the classical limit of quantum mechanics, quantum control, and atomic electron wave packets.

Gary W. Wicks

Areas of expertise: Molecular Beam Epitaxy, Semiconductor Optoelectronics

David Williams

Areas of expertise: vision and eyes

James Zavislan

Areas of expertise: biomedical imaging, material science, and remote sensing