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University Life and Trends

Anne-Marie Algier

Areas of expertise: Student trends, students involvement in activities

Jonathan Burdick

Areas of expertise: Issues related to college admissions and financial aid

Paul Burgett

Areas of expertise: Music of black Americans, music appreciation, community and University relations, University history and traditions

Matthew Burns

Areas of expertise: Student life, student trends

Catherine Cerulli

Areas of expertise: women's rights, leadership, domestic violence, victim's rights

Richard Feldman

Areas of expertise: Rochester Curriculum, epistemology, metaphysics

Cary Jensen

Areas of expertise: Immigration and Related Services for Foreign-born Students and Scholars

Peter Lennie

Areas of expertise: Neuroscience, strategic planning

Jacqueline Levine

Areas of expertise: International Education and Exchanges, Study Abroad

Katherine Miller

Areas of expertise: MK Gandhi's practices of non-violent communication, restorative justice, sustainability, stress management

Burt Nadler

Areas of expertise: Student career paths/career counseling, the value of internships, liberal arts degrees, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills

Beth Olivares

Areas of expertise: educational access and equity for low-income, first-generation college and underrepresented minority students; graduate school admissions and retention; faculty diversity

Joel Seligman

Areas of expertise: History of and current issues involving Securities and Exchange Commission, New York Stock Exchange