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Faculty Experts Directory

Politics and Elections

Richard Dees

Areas of expertise: Medical ethics, public health ethics, social and political philosophy

John Duggan

Areas of expertise: Positive political theory, social choice theory, game theory.

Gerald Gamm

Areas of expertise: American politics, history, institutions

Hein Goemans

Areas of expertise: International relations, conflict

Gretchen Helmke

Areas of expertise: Comparative politics

Bruce Jacobs

Areas of expertise: Graduate education, quality of graduate programs, Social Security, Social Security alternatives

Bonnie M. Meguid

Areas of expertise: Comparative politics, political parties, party systems, elite and mass political behavior, elections in comparative perspective, and European politics

Richard Niemi

Areas of expertise: Voting behavior, legislative term limits, civic education

Lynda Powell

Areas of expertise: Campaign finance, influence of money on the political process, term limits.

David Primo

Areas of expertise: Campaign finance, airline safety and security, government spending and budgets, judicial appointments, legislative rules, and corporate strategy in politics

Lawrence Rothenberg

Areas of expertise: American politics, environmental politics, political economy, and public policy

Valeria Sinclair-Chapman

Areas of expertise: African-American and minority politics, political representation, voting rights and redistricting, legislative politics, and political participation

Curt Smith

Areas of expertise: Presidential rhetoric; American presidents of the radio/television age; sports broadcasting, especially but not limited to baseball, football, basketball, and hockey; public speaking

Randall Stone

Areas of expertise: International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, international political economy, international relations, Russian and East European politics.