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Allan Greenleaf

Chair, Professor
Arts, Sciences, and Engineering

Department of Mathematics

Areas of expertise: Invisibility, Harmonic Analysis and Microlocal Analysis

Press contact:
Peter Iglinski

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Mathematicians Find a Way to Hide Waves Inside an Invisible "Hat"
June 26, 2012
U of R mathematicians find a way to hide waves inside an invisible 'hat'
June 25, 2012

Wired News
'Schrödinger's Hat' Uses Invisibility to Measure Quantum World
May 31, 2012

National Geographic
"Electromagnetic Wormhole" Could Make Objects Invisible
October 23, 2007

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Mathematicians Find a Way to Hide Waves Inside an Invisible 'Hat'
June 22, 2012

Optical Physicist Publishes on Optical Coherence and Polarization
January 28, 2008

'Electromagnetic Wormhole' Possible with Invisibility Technology
October 11, 2007

The Mathematics of Cloaking
December 26, 2006

Allan Greenleaf's research interests are in harmonic analysis and microlocal analysis, with applications to integral geometry and inverse problems. Recently he has investigated the mathematical properties of invisibility.