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Lynda Powell

Professor Of Political Science
Arts, Sciences, and Engineering

Department of Political Science

Areas of expertise: Campaign finance, influence of money on the political process, term limits.

Press contact:
Monique Patenaude
(585) 276-3693

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News Releases

Lynda Powell Wins Fenno Prize for Best Book in Legislative Studies
July 17, 2013

Campaign Contributions Influence Public Policy, Finds Study of 50 State Legislatures
April 26, 2012

'Serious Money' Takes Hard Look at Cash and Presidential Campaigns
June 11, 2003

Professor Powell is an expert on the influence of campaign contributions in state legislatures, specialization in legislatures, and term limits. She is a coauthor of of The Financiers of Congressional Elections (Columbia University Press); Term Limits in the State Legislatures (University of Michigan Press); and Serious Money: Fundraising and Contributing in Presidential Nomination Campaigns (Cambridge University Press, ). Her latest book, The Influence of Campaign Contributions in State Legislatures (University of Michigan Press) was published in 2012.