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Randall Stone

Professor of Political Science. Associate Department Chair, Director Of Graduate Studies
Arts, Sciences, and Engineering

Department of Political Science

Areas of expertise: International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, international political economy, international relations, Russian and East European politics.

Press contact:
Susan Hagen

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News Releases

Political Scientist Named Director of University's Polish Studies Center
November 15, 2007

Skalny Lecture by Randall Stone on "The Cold War as History"
October 05, 2007

Luncheon seminar on Poland's Solidarity movement in the 1990s
March 20, 2006

Randall Stone is an expert on the IMF, World Bank, and eastern and central Europe. His publications include: Controlling Institutions (Cambridge University Press, 2011), Lending Credibility (Princeton University Press, 2002) and Satellites and Commissars (Princeton University Press, 1996).

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