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Harry Reis

Professor Of Psychology
Arts, Sciences, and Engineering

Department of Clinical And Social Sciences In Psychology

Areas of expertise: Relationships and emotions: intimacy, attachment, and emotion regulation.

Press contact:
Susan Hagen

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News Releases

Psychologist Harry Reis Honored with the 2012 Distinguished Career Award from the International Association for Relationship Research
June 14, 2012

Cupid's Arrow Turns Digital
February 01, 2012

Is Marriage Good for the Heart?
August 12, 2011

Psychologist Harry Reis Elected President of International Organization
January 05, 2006

Psychologist Harry Reis Appointed Editor of APS Journal
April 29, 2004

Rochester Mayor is Honorary Inductee for Golden Key Society
July 02, 2003

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Harry Reis studies the factors that influence the quantity and closeness of social interaction, and the consequences of different patterns of socializing for health and psychological well-being. In his research, subjects keep detailed records on their on-going social interaction. These are tabulated by computer and related to various factors such as sex role, health, and emotional well-being. Professor Reis is also investigating some of the psychological processes that affect the course and conduct of close relationships. He is particularly interested in intimacy, attachment, and emotion regulation.