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Shaw H. Chen

Professor & Chair
Arts, Sciences, and Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering

Areas of expertise: Organic Semiconductors; Glassy Liquid Crystals; Optical, Photonic, and Optoelectronic Materials and Devices; Computational Chemistry; Self-Assembled Organic Thin Films.

Press contact:
Peter Iglinski

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News Releases

Ching Tang, Developer of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, Wins Daniel E. Noble Award
October 30, 2007

Chemical Engineer Shaw Chen Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
October 19, 2007

Forum titled "Will Fuel Cells Power Rochester's Future Economy?"
October 13, 2005

Shaw Chenís research encompasses molecular design, computational chemistry, material synthesis and processing. Selected materials have beenused to demonstrate varied device concepts, such as nonabsorbing polarizers, notch filters and reflectors, polarized fluorescence and electroluminescence, organic solid-state lasers, modulation of nanoscale phase segregation. Potential applications for Chenís research include optical information processing, display, and storage as well as organic photovoltaics.