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Carlos R. Stroud

Professor Of Optics (and Physics), Experimental & Theoretical Quantum Optics
Arts, Sciences, and Engineering

Department of Physics And Astronomy

Areas of expertise: quantum optics, quantum weirdness, Schrodinger's cat, quantum entanglement, the classical limit of quantum mechanics, quantum control, and atomic electron wave packets.

Press contact:
Leonor Sierra

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Bringing Schr dinger's Cat to Life
October 09, 2012

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Carlos Stroud studies experimental and theoretical quantum optics and atomic physics. Current projects include the study of the boundary between classical and quantum mechanics as manifested by Rydberg electron wave packets, the use of electromagnetic field pulses to obtain detailed control of the location and motion of an electron within an atom, the use of semiclassical methods in atomic physics, and quantum computing. He is also looking at generation of quantum states of light using nonlinear optics.