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John A. Tarduno

Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Arts, Sciences, and Engineering

Department of Earth And Environmental Science

Areas of expertise: Geophysics, Paleomagnetics

Press contact:
Peter Iglinski

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John Tarduno Homepage

In the News

Raw Story
What happens to us when the magnetic field surrounding Earth changes direction?
March 05, 2015

The Daily Galaxy
'Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey' --
May 12, 2014

Batavia Daily News
GO ART! presents climate change documentary
March 13, 2014

Batavia Daily News
Film about climate change presented Saturday at GCC
March 06, 2014

Dunkirk Observer
Locally produced film explores effects and options
October 31, 2013

1370 Connection: John Tarduno and Maude Barlow
April 24, 2013

Red Orbit
Maori Stones May Tell The History Of Earth's Magnetic Field Changes
December 09, 2012
'The Earth is a unique planet'
November 30, 2012

Rare Meteorites Created in Violent Celestial Collision
November 27, 2012

Red Orbit
Pallasites Created By Dramatic Collision Of Asteroid And Protoplanet
November 16, 2012

Rare, gem-studded meteorites were born in asteroid crashes
November 15, 2012

Science Magazine
Vesta: The Mini-Planet That Could Magnetize
October 11, 2012

What If Earth's Magnetic Poles Flip?
February 15, 2012

Fox News
Ordinary Compasses Thrown Off by Changes in Earth's Magnetic Field
February 26, 2011

Feel the Quake? UR Expert Warns - Aftershocks Can Follow
June 24, 2010

U of R geophysicist weighs in on earthquake
June 24, 2010

Scientific American
Expert Education
June 01, 2010

Scientific American
Shields Up
April 20, 2010

Earth's magnetic field is 3.5 billion years old
March 08, 2010

Earth raised shield earlier than thought
March 05, 2010

Yahoo! News
Tropical turtle fossil found in arctic
February 02, 2009

The New York Times
Diary of the Earth's Magnetic Field Shows a Temporary Calm
May 16, 2006

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News Releases

Oldest Measurement of Earth's Magnetic Field Reveals History of Battle Between Sun and Earth for Our Atmosphere
March 01, 2010

Shirley Ann Jackson to Deliver College Commencement Address
Golisano, Solow, Hajim also to be honored; other division ceremonies scheduled

May 14, 2007

3.2 Billion-Year-Old Surprise: Earth Had Strong Magnetic Field
March 30, 2007

Geophysicist Elected Fellow of American Geophysical Union
March 02, 2007

John Tarduno studies the origin of the of the Earth's magnetic field, its history and the basic magnetic properties of rocks and minerals.