Tuition for most undergraduates at the University of Rochester will be $26,900 in the 2003-04 academic year, an increase of 5.8 percent. Average room and board charges will be $8,770, a 3.1 percent increase. The overall term bill, including tuition, room, and board, will increase 5.1 percent for the average student.

Tuition will be $26,900 for students in the College and School of Nursing. Tuition for Eastman School of Music students will be $23,800, a 4.4 percent increase; for medical students at the School of Medicine and Dentistry, $31,500, a 4 percent increase; for students at the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration, $32,100, a 5.9 percent increase; and for students at the Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development, $26,900, a 5.8 percent increase.