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Preliminary construction work to begin June 15 at site of new Wegmans Hall

June 3, 2015

Beginning June 15, University Campus Planning Design and Construction Management will begin work at the site of the future Wegmans Hall, which will be a 58,000 square-foot, four-story home to the Goergen Institute for Data Science.

The new building will be located at the current midway point of Hutchison Rd., in between Hopeman and Hylan buildings. As part of the overall construction plan, Hutchison Rd. will no longer be a thoroughfare and will be permanently reduced to only provide access into the Wallis Hall parking lot and Dewey Parking Lot.

Starting on June 15, Hutchison Road will officially close and the construction zone will be fenced off, creating the following impacts:

  • Elimination of on-street parking on Hutchinson Rd.—approximately four University businesses permit spaces. These business permit spaces will be relocated to Intercampus Drive lot effective June 15.
  • Wallis Hall parking lot will remain open and accessible throughout construction. Dewey Lot, however, will not be accessible to vehicles for a period of 6 to 8 weeks, starting about June 29. This is to allow for underground utility work and Dewey Lot road modifications. All current parking in Dewey will be relocated – disability spaces to Meliora Lot, and business permits to Intercampus Drive Lot. The “15-minute flasher” spaces in Dewey will not be replaced, but drivers can use other similar locations throughout campus. A space on Wilson Boulevard will be designated as “30-Minute Delivery Vehicle Drop-Off” during this construction. Zone 1A permit holders may overflow to Intercampus Drive Lot during this construction. Dewey Lot is tentativelyscheduled to reopen on Aug. 15.
  • Gavett lot will be modified this summer and will be closed for redesign and re-striping, effective Monday, June 15.  Gavett parking permits will be accepted in the Intercampus Drive lot.  The Gavett lot is tentatively scheduled to reopen on Wednesday, July 15.  At that time, the lot will be reconfigured and will no longer be available as a through lot, but will dead-end at Taylor Hall.
    graphic showing parking lots impacted by construction


  • East-west pedestrian walkways will be rerouted to avoid the construction zone, however all entrances to Hutchison Hall and Hylan Hall will remain open.
    north-south sidewalks to use during construction

See the University Parking website for additional notices for area permit holders:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Greg Meyer, project manager, Campus Planning Design and Construction Management, 275-8068 or 275-0717.

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