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Hajim memo 0626

June 26, 2017

Dear members of the Hajim School community,

I am pleased to report that seven University students, including four from the Hajim School, arrived in Ghana recently for a field school to study historic coastal forts, including Elmina Castle, which were built as early as the 15th century. Best of all, the students are sharing their experiences in an online blog. For example, Samantha Turley ’18, pursuing a BM in harp performance at the Eastman School of Music and a BA in Archaeology, Technology, and Historical Structures, marveled at the skill of their bus driver: “Ghanaian streets are enclosed by a gutter on each side that’s essentially a one-foot by four-foot chasm that can trap your tires,” she writes. “This is hard enough to navigate around without factoring in the many people selling things in the middle of the street or the car and motorbike traffic.”

Gilda DeDona, a rising junior in chemical engineering, describes how the students are learning multiple surveying methods, including how to take laser measurements, create CAD models (computer generated 3D models), and determine the position of objects on a standard plane (transit). “This program intertwines engineering, architecture, archaeology, and history throughout its research at Elmina, an experience I knew I wanted to be a part of. Also, it has always been a dream of mine to study abroad. This program lets me learn about what I’m interested in and live out my dream. For this, I’m incredibly grateful,” she writes.

The field school is led by Renato Perucchio, professor of mechanical engineering and program director of Archeology, Technology, and Historical Structures; Michael Jarvis, associate professor of history and director of the Digital Media Studies Program and the Smiths Island Archaeology Project; Chris Muir, associate professor of mechanical engineering, and teaching assistant Bill Green ’17 of mechanical engineering. This is a wonderful opportunity for these students to engage in a global experience and hands-on research. It is also a great example of the kind of faculty-led programs I would like to encourage in addition to more traditional study abroad options.

Congratulations to Zhaoyu Nie ‘17, Yeyue Chen ’17 (KEY), and Yunhui Ni ‘17, all of optics, who are the inaugural recipients of summer internships with Sunny Optical Technology, a leading  Chinese integrated optical device manufacturer and optical imaging system solution provider. The company announced the internship program at the Industrial Associates meeting this spring.

Please take a look at the current issue of Rochester Review for:

  1. Adam Fenster’s stunning of photos of how University researchers use 3-D printing for medical applications. For example, Jonathan Stone, a graduate of our CMTI master’s program, creates anatomically correct life-sized models of organs to train future surgeons, and Hani Award, professor of biomedical engineering, fabricates biocompatible bone scaffolds to replace bone tissue lost to infection. Read more here.
  2. An interview with Pamela Vong ’08 of computer science, who started teaching herself HTML, CSS, and JavaScript when she was 12 in order to build websites, and is now “Tech Wizard” at InfernoRed Technology. In other words, she is a great role model for other women seeking to enter this male dominated field! Pamela explains how learning even just a little bit of coding enhances creativity and problem-solving skills that are useful in any career. Read more here.

Wondering what to do and see during Meliora Weekend this October? This year’s schedule of lectures, performances, reunion events, homecoming, family activities, and more is available online. Featured guests include Robin Roberts, co-anchor of ABC’s Good Morning America; Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist Peggy Noonan; 22-time Grammy Award-winner Chick Corea with the Corea/Gadd Band; and noted legal journalist Jeffrey Toobin. Registration for Meliora Weekend will open in late July on the Meliora Weekend website.

Because of the July 4th holiday, the next issue of Hajim Highlights will be July 10.

In the meantime, have a great week and enjoy the holiday!

Your dean,
Wendi Heinzelman