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Sponsored Program Compliance

Table of Contents

1. Responsible Conduct of Research


The Starting Point

Society has a vested interest in the research carried out at the University of Rochester - not only in the outcomes of that research, but also in the methods used and manner in which the work is conducted and supported. Much goes into the research enterprise at universities like UR, and much is expected in return. One reason for public interest stems from simple cost/benefit analysis. At UR in 2009-2010, approximately 2,700 projects funded by external sponsors were active with total combined expenditures of over $392 M.

The public is well served by this investment. Not only have critical discoveries emerged from this work, but so have generations of leadership in all fields of human endeavor.


Research Highlights at University of Rochester


Unlike the popular image of an "ivory tower," academic research is conducted in a social context, and human values enter into the process at many levels. To maintain confidence and trust in this enterprise, researchers must aggressively protect the empirical objectivity of research, the unbiased reporting of results, and the open sharing of that information for the good of society.

Issues that can impinge on public trust and confidence in research are brought together under the heading of "research integrity," and include such topics as:

  • environmental health & safety

  • use and protection of human subjects and lab animals

  • conflicts of interest

  • publication, intellectual property and data

  • error, negligence or misconduct

  • response to violations of ethical standards




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