Save with our UR Commuter Connections – Hop a RTS bus and save money with $1 fares, team up to commute or join a larger ridesharing group or save through Zimride van rental.


Hop a bus and save money with $1 fares.  Use the RTS trip planner to find your route and view/download bus schedules at  Track your bus in real time online or thorugh the smartphone app. The parking office offers 1, 5 or 30 day unlimited passes, or singles for $1.


Reduce fuel expenses, vehicle wear and tear, and your carbon footprint by teaming up for your commute.  Join a carpool! We help match you with other carpoolers and by ridesharing, you get premium parking, a guaranteed ride home, occasional permits, and you can save 50%, 75%, or even get a FREE parking permit (4 riders or more).


For larger ridesharing groups or ones that travel longer distances, ridesharing offers an opportunity to save through the Zimride ridesharing program.  We’ll help you team up with other inter-city commuters and the group captain will have use of the van for the daily drive in, as well as evenings and weekends.  Take turns sitting back and enjoying the ride. Start ridesharing with Zimride!

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