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Automated Pay Stations

Automated Pay Station will be the University of Rochester ’s newest automated parking management system. Automated Pay Stations will be conveniently located and easy to use! They are equipped with screens and audio instructions to help guide you through the parking payment process. The machines accept cash, debit cards and major credit cards.

Where are the Automated Pay Stations located?

The University of Rochester will have Automated Pay Stations strategically placed throughout the Medical Center for your convenience.

Location of Future Automated Pay Stations:

How Do I Use an Automated Pay Station?

  1. When entering the parking garage or parking lot take a ticket from the entry terminal and keep it with you.
  2. Pay “on foot” when you come back to the garage or parking lot and before returning to your vehicle
  3. Take your ticket to one of the Automated Pay Stations and insert your entry ticket into the indicated slot. The machine will indicate the cost of parking for the time you have used.
  4. Following the on-screen and audio instructions, insert cash or a credit card to pay the indicated amount.
  5. Take your exit ticket from the Automated Pay Station.
  6. Drive to the exit and insert your exit ticket into the terminal and the gate will open.

Who Do I Contact if I have a Problem Using the Automated Pay Station?

If you experience problems using the Automated Pay Station, press the HELP button that is conveniently located near the machine. This button will dial the Parking Office and a Parking Receptionist will be happy to assist you. This assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is a Variable Message Sign and Where Will They Be Located?

To further assist you, the University of Rochester and Strong Memorial Hospital will install electronic variable message signs that will be located outside parking lots and leading into the parking garage. These signs will provide you with current parking information, such as alerting you when a lot is full, and where to go for alternate parking options.

Will the Cost of Visitor Parking Increase because of the New Parking Management System?

No, the cost of visitor parking will not increase due to the installation of the new parking technology. The current rates will stay in effect:

0 Min - 1/2 hour FREE
1/2 hour - 1 hour $3.00
1 hour - 2 hours $5.00
2 hours to 24 hours $6.00

What is an AVI Tag and What Do the Initials Stand For?

AVI stands for Automatic Vehicle Identification. It is a tag that will be placed on your vehicle windshield to identify you as a registered parker.

Why Do We Need an AVI Tag?

AVI tags are essential to the new Parking Management System, since University Parking needs to be able to identify the vehicle passing through the garage facility and/or surface lot. Access to the controlled areas for faculty and staff is obtained through pre-programmed devices, commonly called tags, that are placed on vehicle windshields. These devices, about the size of a thick credit card, make access control efficient because communication between the tags and the gates at the garage or lot is automatic.

What Are the Benefits of AVI?

AVI will operate successfully in all University gated parking lots as well as the garage facility. It provides several benefits: