Departments at the River Campus and Medical Center can request Department or Business Space permits via our online service. Requesting Department or Business Space permits online eliminates filling out 312 blue requisitions. Departments pay online and payment is via a journal entry to the department account.

When the request is submitted, the Parking office receives a notification and can approve the request.  Once approved the requestor (Department) is sent an approval link to go back online and purchase the permit(s).  The permit(s) will be billed to your department using the Debit FAO provided during the permit request process.

Requesting Departmental Permits

Request User ID and Password: To get started, sign up to request your User ID and password; this is required to request Department or Business Space Permits.

You will receive a confirmation email if your requests for permit(s) has been approved.  Once approved, follow the step by step process.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will my department be charged?  A: Departments will be charged for all permits purchased in a month through an automatic journal entry to their department account.

Q: How will I know if my request for a department permit is approved? A: You will receive an approval email within 2 weeks of request.  If you do not receive an email you were not approved.

Q: How will I know when to pick up my department permit?  A: The parking office will notify you when your permit(s) are ready for pick up. Permits should be picked up at the Transportation and Parking Management Center located at 70 Goler House.

Q: What if we prefer the old system? A: The current process to obtain departmental permits is still available.