Departments can request and retrieve validations online. Validations can only be used in a Medical Center revenue lot – Lot 13 Hospital Garage, Lot 8 Medical School or Lot 14 Saunders.  Paperless online platform – eliminates filling out blue requisitions, waiting for validations and reduces risk of theft. Departments pay only for validations used. Automatic journal entry to department accounts.

Access Request Form: To get started sign up to request your user id and password so you can begin to generate validations for your department.

Overview: Find out how online validations will benefit all departments and your visitors.

Need Help Getting Started?: (under construction) Once you receive your user id and password via email, it’ll be as simple as logging into the website and choosing the desired option. Click the link to view a 2 minute tutorial video.

Prefer Step By Step?: Follow directions on how simple it is to generate validations.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I still need to have a stack printed. Where will I get the paper? A: Transportation and Parking will provide the paper and mail it to your intramural address.

Q: Will the validated tickets have a unique bar code? How will department be charged? A: Each validation has an individual QR code.  Depts. will be charged for all validations used in a month through an automatic journal entry to the department account.

Q: What if we prefer the old system? A: The current process to obtain validations is still available

Q: If I want to validate the entry ticket where do I find the ticket number? A: On the entry ticket there is a 10 digit ticket number. Enter in the 10 digits and then select the Create Validation button