University of Rochester

Parking & Transportation Services

AVI Tags

Your AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) Tag should be placed on your vehicle windshield to identify you as a registered parker.


These tags are essential to the Parking Management system, so vehicles passing through the garage facility
and/or surface lots can be identified.  Access to the controlled areas for faculty and staff is obtained through
pre-programmed devices, called AVI tags, that are placed on vehicle windshields.  Communication between
the tag and the gates in the lot/garage are automatic.

Benefits of AVI

Controls access to area, allowing only legal parking in that area

Tag can be disabled easily if stolen

Tags can be programmed and do not require batteries

Tag holders can be turned off when no longer affiliated with the University

AVI will count the vehicles entering the garage/lots

Tags will inform parkers when the garage or their lot is full

For more information, download the AVI Tag Brochure (.pdf)