Parking Enforcement is provided as a customer service for those who have purchased parking.  Parking tickets are meant as a means of communication to inform our patrons when their vehicles are not parked in accordance to University Parking guidelines.  The definition of a “No Parking” area is any area that is not a marked parking stall.


Efforts are made by University Parking and Transportation Services to keep parking rules and regulations reasonable and strictly enforced. Our aim is to make parking as equitable as possible. We provide annual registration of all vehicles to be parked on the University campuses through the issuance of parking permits to our various zones, lots and garages.

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My Parking Online Mobile App – use the new “My Parking Online” UR mobile app to take care of parking business 24/7, including paying and appealing citations.  Don’t have the UR Mobile app – download it here 

Once the app has been downloaded to your phone, press the Parking icon (which appears on the 2nd page of the app) and view Quick Links to parking information. Use your NetID and password to log into My Parking Online.

Citations (Parking Tickets)

If a parking violation occurs, the registered owner of the vehicle is responsible for payment.

Appealing a Citation

The appeal process allows a customer to appeal a parking citation believed to have been issued in error. The appeal form must be completed within 10 calendar days of the issue date of the citation. Appeals that are submitted beyond the 10 day period or appeals that are vague or incomplete will be rejected. Valid documentation of the evidence must be provided when the appeal is submitted. When appealing pay by space violations, please submit your receipt. Copies of bank statements will not be accepted.

The following reasons are considered as frivolous and not valid as a basis for appeal:

  • Lack of knowledge of the regulations, for example, new to campus or have not reviewed regulations;
  • Other vehicles were parked improperly;
  • Only parked illegally for a short period of time – just dropping something off;
  • Stated failure of parking officer to ticket previously for similar offenses;
  • Late to class or appointment;
  • Inability to pay the amount of the fine;
  • No other place to park;
  • Meeting ran late;
  • Someone was in my reserved space

Appeals may be filed  online using the parking account at  My Parking Online . Public access computers are available in various locations on campus and at the Parking Management Center.

Appeals Officer

A Parking Appeals Officer is appointed by the University to review and adjudicate parking appeals. The Parking Appeals Officer receives all appeals. This is done on a regularly scheduled basis of not less than monthly during the academic year.

Students, Faculty and Staff desiring to appeal a citation must obtain, complete and submit an appeals form to the Transportation and Parking Management office within 10 days of the date of the citation or appeal online. Persons not affiliated with the University as a student or employee may submit an appeal either on-line or written at the Parking Management Center or Visitor Parking Center in the Hospital Garage.

The Parking Appeals Officer uses the following guidelines to reach a decision:

  • When you become a student or accept a position with the University of Rochester, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations established by the university.
  • Your past parking record will be a factor in the decision.
  • Ignorance of the parking regulations is not an excuse. Understanding parking regulations is considered to be the responsibility of a motorized vehicle driver.
  • A parking permit is not a guarantee of a space. Not only is the driver responsible for finding an authorized space, but the lack thereof does not justify a parking violation.
  • The registered owner of the vehicle is ultimately responsible for the
  • citation(s), regardless of who is driving the vehicle at the time of the violation.
    • Students, faculty and staff must register their vehicles to drive or park on university property with the parking permits displayed correctly.

    The appellant will be notified in writing by the Transportation and Parking Management office of the Officer’s decision. The Parking Appeals Officer has the authority to dispose of a case by:

    • Upholding the charge(s) completely
    • Upholding the charge(s) but reducing the fine to whatever amount it feels is appropriate in light of extenuating circumstances
    • Dismissing the charges completely

    Parking Appeals Review Board

    Should the appellant disagree with the findings of the Parking Appeals Officer, a Parking Appeals Review Board (PAB) is available to review those decisions. Parking customers that decide to appeal the decision of the Parking Appeals Officer must do the following –

    • Inform the Department of Transportation and Parking Management in writing of his/her intent to appeal within 10 days of the Appeals Officer ruling;
    • Pay the citation amount due based on the finding and decision of the Officer;
    • Provide written explanation of facts that the Officer did not consider.

The Parking Appeals Board receives and adjudicates all appeals. The Board will be comprised of three members appointed by the University and two members present shall constitute a quorum for all meetings. The board meets quarterly throughout the year.

All decisions rendered by the Appeals Board are final and re-appeals are not available. Should the Appeals Review Board determine that the amount paid by the appellant should be reduced or voided; the Department of Transportation and Parking Management will provide a refund of the amount paid.

Submitting an Appeal In Person:
70 Goler House

Submitting an Appeal By Mail:
Department of Transportation & Parking Management
70 Goler House
PO Box 270348
Rochester, NY 14627

List of Violations and Fines

Violations and Fines

Parking in Handicapped/Reserved – $200
Employee in Visitor Lot – $100
Reserved Space – $100
Altered Permit – $100
Fire Lane/Hydrant/Stand Pipe – $100
Wheel Lock Fee – $50
Expired Permit/No Current Permit Displayed – $40
Permit Invalid for Area – $40
Duplicate Permit Used at Same Time – $40
No Parking/Standing/Stopping Zone – $40
Extending Row/Blocking Thoroughfare – $40
Blocking Walkway/Crosswalk/Vehicle – $40
Blocking Doorway/Dock/Service Area/Dumpster – $40
Parking on Grass/Sidewalk – $40
Over Time Limit – $40
Displaying No Lockboc – $40
Parking in 3D Spot when Center Is Open – $40

Wheel Locks

Wheel-locking (Booting) is an immobilization device used as an alternative to towing a vehicle. When an individual has a history of repeat violations, fails to make payment on promissory note, alters a permit or accumulates unpaid violations, their vehicle may be wheel-locked/booted.

The permit holder has until the close of business to respond to the wheel-lock/boot or the vehicle may be towed within 24 hours. Vehicles presenting an immediate public safety hazard, are inoperative or unlicensed will be towed offsite.

The permit holder is responsible for the parking violations, wheel-lock/boot fee, towing and any applicable storage fees. Cash or credit card (Visa/Discover/MasterCard) are only accepted for these fees. Personal checks are not accepted.