First-year Student Move-In Day to Limit River Campus Parking

Staff parking guidelines will be different Wednesday, August 22, to allow for first-year students to move in. Valentine Lot, all of Zone 3 South (Park Lot), and the entire length of Intercampus Lot will be closed for the move-in process. Employees who regularly park in these lots will need to park at the Bloch Alumni and Advancement Center, located at 300 East River Road. There will be a shuttle available from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. from the Bloch Alumni and Advancement Center. Any cars left in Zone 3 South after 5am will be towed to the far end of the lot at the expense of the owner. Also, staff who use Lot 1 and leave the University during the day must leave through the main lot entrance and the south entrance, as the rear exits from Lot 1 to Intercampus Drive will be closed that day. The Parking Management Center can be reached with questions at 275-4524 or through email at