Introducing a New Virtual Permit Program for Gated Parking Lots

We heard you!

As you know, University parking permits are set to expire on June 30. Many customers have told us permit decals can be cumbersome and not very useful and that AVI tags granted faster access.  Starting this summer, we will begin a two-year process of transitioning to virtual permits.

Phase 1 will begin July 1 when we will no longer require permit decals for gated lots (with the exception of Lot 1 and Lot 11, which will be phased in at a later date). Permit holders of all other gated lots can simply use their AVI tag for access.

If you are not assigned to a gated lot or are in Lot 1 or Lot 11, you will still receive a decal in the mail, so please make sure your address is updated in HRMS by April 25. You can do this by visiting HRMS, and logging in with your NetID and password. Then go to Main Menu > Self Service > Personal Information > Personal Details.

For more information, call the Parking Management Center at 275-4524 or visit