June 18-July 16: Paving Lot 1

The University’s Department of Transportation & Parking Management will pave Lot 1, starting June 18, 2020.  Construction work will occur over four weeks Monday through Friday during business hours. As a result, some sections of the lot will be closed each day. Lot 1 permit holders are welcomed to park in the open sections of Lot 1 or move to Zone 3 South. Once both lots are full, please follow normal overflow guidelines.

During the duration of the construction, please use caution while walking and driving in the parking lot. In addition to improving the lot, the project will also widen all parking spaces. Please call our office at 275-6825 if you have any additional questions.

Additional details:

  • In the morning on Monday, June 18, the South entrance/exit at Kendrick Road will be closed.  Please use the North entrance at the Kendrick and Crittenden intersection.

On Monday afternoon, the North entrance/exit at Kendrick & Crittenden intersection will be closed.  Lot 1 and Lot 11 permit holders should use the South entrance/exit at Kendrick Rd.  Lot 12 Permit Holders can park in Lot 3.  Please use the South entrance/exit at Kendrick Rd.