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Chartering a Bus


Requesting A Shuttle/Charter

If you are a student organization requesting a charter, please contact: Beverly Buscemi 276.3717 for a transportation request form. If you are a part of a Residential Life Organization, a Students' Association group, or a Fraternity/Sorority, click here for more information about bus charters. For all other charter requests please fill out the Transportation Request and we will provide you with a quote. After your Charter Event, please take a few moments to complete the Transportation Feedback Form. Thank you for assisting us in continuing to improve our services to you.

Receiving A Quote/Confirmation

We will do our best to provide you with a quote within 24 hours of having received your properly completed Transportation Request Form.

Receiving A Final Confirmation

The Transportation Office will contact you 3-4 business days before your event to confirm (unless request is made at last minute).

Requesting Changes To Original Charter Request

If changes need to be made to your original request, please contact Andrea Walton at 275.5953. If you are a student organization please contact Beverly Buscemi at 276.3717.

Making Payment

An account number must be provided at the time a charter request is submitted.  If you are a student organization, please contact Beverly Buscemi at 276.3717.

If Charter Service Is Late or Does Not Show Up

If Charter is late or does not show up, please contact Andrea Walton immediately at 275.5953. If you are a student organization, please contact Beverly Buscemi at 276.3717.

Other Important Information

Charters are $80/hour with a two-hour minimum; thirty (30) minutes are added to the shuttle request time to allow for traveling time.

*Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available*