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RTS Transit Information


Current RTS Bus Schedules

For $1.00 each way, employees can purchase a year of passes with pre-tax money through payroll deduction. To learn more, sign up or pick up passes, stop by the MC Parking Office (8:00am to 4:30pm weekdays) or call 275.4524.

RTS Routes Connecting to SMH/Medical Center/U of R (Schedules and maps)

 The Below Schedules are Effective Until 11/27 ONLY:

  • 5/5x South Ave - South Ave, Elmwood and Highland Neighborhoods
  • 8B Chili - Genesee Park Blvd Neighborhoods
  • 19th Ward - Genesee Neighborhoods
  • 18/19 Plymouth - Elmwood, Genesee, Plymouth and Cornhill Neighborhoods 
  • Calkins Road - Calkins Corporate Park/Redcreek, Route 24 Marketplace
  • Sawgrass - 160 and 180 Sawgrass Drive
  • 24/24A - RIT/Marketplace Mall
  • 91 - Avon/Suburban Plaza

 RTS Route Number Changes - effective 11/28

45 South Avenue - (previously 5/5x) - South Ave, Elmwood and Highland Neighborhoods
12 19th Ward - Genesee Neighborhoods
19 Plymouth - (previously 18/19) - Elmwood, Genesee, Plymouth and Cornhill Neighborhoods
24 Marketplace/Calkins Road - Calkins Corp Park/Redcreek, Rt 24 Marketplace Mall
51 Sawgrass -(previously 11)- 160 and 180 Sawgrass Drive
4 Strong  - Brookslanding, Unity Hospital, Bull's Head
28 Strong - Genesee Park Blvd Neighborhoods

 WMB: Where's My RTS Bus? - real time/map, find nearest bus stop, plan your trip, get service
alerts and more!

"Fare Holiday" - from Fri., Nov 28 throughWed., Dec 31, 2014
customers who board or transfer at the Transit Center will
ride free!  For More information visit:


Bus riders are also eligible for the University's Occasional Parker Program, a no-cost permit granting 26 dashboard-display
passes per year to park in a designated URMC lot free of charge.  Click Here for more information.

Bus Fares

$1.00 - Adult Fare
$3.00 - All-Day Unlimited Pass
$12.00 - Stored-Value Pass
$14.00 - Adult 5-Day Unlimited Pass
$56.00 - Adult 31-Day Unlimited Pass