Parking Management Center
P: 585.275.4524





Director Jim Chodak
P: 585.273.5817

Assistant DirectorTimothy Coughlin

Assistant Director of Finance – Andrew Salmon
P: 585.273.5158

Assistant to DirectorsMonica Tanksley
P: 585.273.2140

Operations ManagerLuis Cruz
P: 585.276.6456

Operations ManagerMatt Schwartz
P: 585.273.4225

Transportation ManagerAndrea Walton
P: 585.275.5953

Office ManagerMargie Reyes 
P: 585.275.1484

Special Events ManagerMonica Tanksley
P: 585.273.2140

Project ManagerDoug Grotke
P: 585.275.6825


Visitor Parking Office
(Ramp Garage Ground Floor)
P: 585.273.4226
F: 585.271.3005