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Our goal is to be Committed to Service of the Highest Order For Ourselves and Our Customers.  

Please help us by celebrating the Transportation and Parking Management staff members who make this happen. Nominate a Strong Star and your remarks will be shared with staff as we recognize those employees who go above and beyond to Move People to Their Learning, Discovering, Healing, Creating Destinations.


JAN 2017

Esdras Negron

Esdras assisted my wife, grandchildren, and I in exiting our car.  He spoke to the children and gave clear directions.  A real gentleman and an asset to Strong Hospital.  Esdras made us feel welcome!  From a thankful Family Member


Patricia Wagner

Parking reps usually are looked at as bad guys because of their jobs.  People think all they do is write tickets and make people move them from designated places.  However, I must say they are not.  I witnessed Patti taking care of 4 things at a time (one of them being me) and she never misses a beat.  She made me feel as though all of her attention was focused on me.  Patti is what ICARE stands for.  From a Grateful Person


Cameron Banker

I just left my daughter, who is a patient here with pneumonia.  I was extremely tired and have very serious back damage due to an injury, so I was very sore.  I truly could not find my car in the parking garage.  After walking around for a least 20 minutes, I was in tears and up came a U of R parking vehicle.  Cameron stopped and drove me around to find my car.  He is a life-saver and has a great personality.  From a Thankful Family Member


Shawn McFadden

As a member of friends and family of a murder victim, I would like to commend Shawn who kept everyone as calm as possible during a time of mayhem and bad choices by the grieving family.  He gave caring directions that were right to the point.  From An Impressed Visitor


Lissette Medina and Fred Shingleton

Fred and Lissette helped us with parking and a wheelchair.  They turned our day from a sad one to a happy one.  They do a great job dealing with me and other patients I have witnessed.  From an Appreciative Patient


Lissette Medina

Lissette did a great job and was very courteous.  We appreciated her professionalism.  From An Appreciative Patient


Lissette Medina

Lissette is always helpful with parking.  She has a great attitude which makes me feel better, even when there are no parking spots available in the lot.  From An Appreciative Patient


Carla Robinson

Carla watched me closely because I had just had surgery.  She helped me with her great customer service!  Thank you for stepping up, Carla!  From An Appreciate Patient


Tri Tran

Tri is always courteous and warm.  He makes sure my wait time is reasonable and always greets me with a smile.  His excellent customer service is one of the highlights of my day!  From A. Dupree


Christopher Lofton and Fred Shingleton

These two gentlemen helped me directly and are so sweet!  I wish I had a box of bon-bons with me right now to hand them.  I cannot say thank you enough!  From An Appreciative Patient


Albert Guy

Albert always does his job with a smile, and he is especially kind.  I occasionally work with Albert, assisting visitors get into wheelchairs.  Albert works as a valet or parking attendant.  He always works as a team with other parking attendants, and helps new team members learn their responsibilities.  He consistenly displays leadership qualities.  He also makes sure visitors who use valet parking receive assistance as soon as possible.  Once, very early on a Sunday morning, there were no cars in the ED lot, and I was driving a friend in.  He could have sent me to the garage, but he allowed me to park in the ED lot.  Albert also makes sure that people don’t leave their cars in the front loop to “just run into the hospital for a minute”.  He makes sure traffic keeps flowing.  From S. Becker


Fred Shingleton

Fred did not miss a beat when he saw a person having car trouble in the Eye Institute parking lot.  Before the person could get the car hood open, Fred had requested U of R transportation to come over with jumper cables.  Fred put the person at ease with his demeanor and quick response.  This being a great relief to an other wise upsetting time for the motorist.  From B. Lipka


Albert Guy

Excellent recognition and help with checking in the car at the valet station.  Albert was friendly and professional.  This speeded up our entry into the hospital.  Albert was equally efficient and friendly when we got the car returned later that day.  From An Appreciative Patient