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Our goal is to be Committed to Service of the Highest Order For Ourselves and Our Customers.  

Please help us by celebrating the Transportation and Parking Management staff members who make this happen. Nominate a Strong Star and your remarks will be shared with staff as we recognize those employees who go above and beyond to Move People to Their Learning, Discovering, Healing, Creating Destinations.




Shawn McFadden
This man was my angel!  I lost my car and he treated me so well, walked up and down with me.  He went upstairs and down, always concerned that I was alright.  The way he treated me and talked to me was so comforting.  I can’t say enough about how he was a really good person and always positive.  Recognized by A Thankful Family Member

Carla Robinson
I could not find my car and I was upset.  She looked for my car and most important calmed me down and was very caring.  It meant the world to me to have someone treat me so well instead of looking at me as a crazy old lady.    Recognized by a Thankful Family Member

Samir Pilivac
The valets are so nice and helpful.  I wanted to help but was told no thank you.  I was running late for an appointment and they helped me act by parking my car and also returned my car promptly.   Recognized by an Appreciative Patient

Shawn McFadden
He is a true professional with compassion and kindness.  Today I asked him to help with a patient and her husband.  The patient had a walker and her husband guided her along the way from the Flaum Institute to the Pharmacy near the Main entrance to pick up the patient’s prescription.  I knew that the Flaum Institute offered valet parking top their patients and these patients would need to walk all the way back to the Flaum building if we didn’t intervene.  I went outside with the valet ticket and explained to Shawn the situation.  Shawn said “of course no problem” and arranged for the patient’s car to be available at the main entrance for their convenience.  We need more accommodating people like Shawn in our everyday work life.  He has a caring heart and understands the value of patient focused care. Recognized by G. Curtiss

On 11/2 Shawn came up to the main lobby information desk with a person who was dropping off 8 very large boxes of product for the pedes GI department on AC6.  The person was requesting to leave the boxes in the lobby, there was no way to accommodate the boxes at our desk and as I was attempting to call the department, Shawn took it upon himself to load the boxes in a wheel chair and bring them up to the department.  He truly went above and beyond to assist us.  Thank you Shawn!   Recognized by
S. Ballard