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Our goal is to be Committed to Service of the Highest Order For Ourselves and Our Customers.  

Please help us by celebrating the Transportation and Parking Management staff members who make this happen. Nominate a Strong Star and your remarks will be shared with staff as we recognize those employees who go above and beyond to Move People to Their Learning, Discovering, Healing, Creating Destinations.


MARCH 2017

Yajaira Troutman
Through her supervisor training, Yajaira motivated me to overcome my anxiety of working in the garage booth on a cash register.  She suggested that I shadow somebody and learn a little at a time until I felt comfortable.  Today, I am more of a team player in my department.  Thanks!  Recognized by E. Hillsman

David Crawford
Dave was super helpful when I was stuck in a ditch. He personally came out to push my car out of the snow last week. Thank you, Dave!  From a Grateful Person

Yawana Dearring
I had unfortunately had a few tickets in my name and just couldn’t able to get to parking office in time to pay for them and lost my permit sticker. Then I began to get more tickets for no sticker and just life got in my way of taking care of this properly. I was very nervous about the amount owed and Yawana Dearring reduced the amount to a reasonable amount and explained how to better prevent this from happening again in a great positive manner. Thank you soooooo much! Made my week!
She is an asset to your department!
Recognized by S. Hayes

Patti Wagner

Patti is always so friendly whenever I go to renew my parking.  She is an advocate for the customer, and it is clear that she enjoys her job and working with the pubic.  Thank you, Patti, for being so pleasant in an area that certainly could be a stressful environment.  Recognized by J. Wiedrich

Samir Plivac
Samir assisted me at Valet parking.  I have trouble walking and am not that familiar with finding my way at Strong.  Thank you, Samir!  Recognized by an Appreciative Patient

Albert Guy
Albert was very helpful, got the wheelchair, directed us where to go, and was very friendly.  This was a stressful situation, but Albert helped put us at ease and deal with logistics.  Recognized by a Thankful Family Member

Samir Pilvac
Samir brought my car promptly, came into the vestibule to get me in my wheelchair, and made sure I was safely in my vehicle.  I have MS and cannot walk long distances.  Samir was courteous and respectful.  Recognized by a Thankful Family Member

Noah Landry
Noah was very helpful in assisting us with parking an oversized van.  He was very friendly and he was paying attention and recognized our needs while acting on them quickly.  This started our experience at Strong on a happy note! Thanks, Noah!  Recognized by An Impressed Visitor

Albert Guy
Albert was considerate in letting me park my car in a limited zone until I could move it to the regular parking lot.  My husband was being admitted to the ED and I was scared and anxious about him.  Albert understood that was my first priority.  Recognized by A Thankful Family Member

Albert was really helpful with getting me inside and sitting down.  He is a very nice and helpful!  I was in a lot of pain and Albert treated me with great respect!  Recognized by An Appreciative Patient

Albert provided outstanding customer service above and beyond his job description.  He let me park in front to drop off my daughter and grandson.  Kudos to Albert!  Recognized by a Thankful Family Member

Albert allowed me to leave the ED parking lot to get my son food and return with it, which is not normally allowed.  I was very uncomfortable having to leave my son alone, so I was in a huge hurry to leave and get back.  Albert was very kind and understanding and it was greatly appreciated!  Recognized by a Thankful Family Member

I walked my significant other in with a stroke and I left my car running.  Albert came in and offered to park my car and then brought me the keys.  I was really upset and needed to stay with my partner.  I am very appreciative of Albert’s smile and help!  Recognized by a Thankful Family Member

Albert made sure my mother was placed in the wheelchair when we arrived at Strong.  This is a perfect example of a person that has compassion for his job and the patients!  Recognized by An Appreciative Patient

Albert kindly and graciously helped me from my car to the wheelchair.  I cannot bear weight on my leg and Albert was exceptionally caring and compassionate!  He didn’t make me feel like I was an inconvenience.  Recognized by An Appreciative Patient

Carla Robinson
Carla escorted me to the ATM so I was able to use the Valet service, saving me tons of time and stress!  Thank you, Carla!  Recognized by An Appreciative Patient

Shawn McFadden
Shawn was very helpful and accommodating.  I only had my debit card so he suggested an escort to the ATM while he parked my car, saving me tons of time!  Recognized by An Appreciative Patient

Lex Chittakone
Lex made my day by making the transition from lot to lot fast, easy, and painless.  He is friendly, polite, knowledgeable and professional.  Thank you, Lex!  Recognized by J. Ridehout

Donna Burley
On 3/8 when driving to work I was in an accident during the wind storm.  The following day I had to bring my car to the garage and received a rental.  This was very stressful and the process has been time consuming and very costly.  I then had to go to the parking office to obtain a temporary pass until my car is repaired.  Donna was so incredibly kind, patient and compassionate.  Her calm demeanor and willingness to help, truly put me at ease.  This was especially welcomed as the last few days have been a bit stressful. Thanks to Donna for going above and beyond to help me out.  Recognized by M. Conroy.

Cameron Banker/John Bobilin-Stahl
Cleared all snow and salted Jackson Drive side walk from employee entrance to ED which is usually done by plow.  It was a fast response and quicker results, to prevent people from falling and allowed wheelchairs to make it to ED from ME Valet loop.  Recognized by G. Knittle

Samir Plivac
Great Valet service!  Samir was super polite and friendly!  Recognized by An Impressed Visitor

Albert Guy
Albert was awesome, very nice, and made me feel comfortable.  It is important because everyone deserves how Albert made me feel!  Recognized by An Appreciative Patient

Charles Waller
He helped inflate our front tire.  We are from Canada and he was able to get us up and running, plus guided us to a local repair shop.  Thank you very much!  Recognized by A Grateful Person

Julie Serrano and Charles Waller
Julie recognized that we were in need of help and called Tom who helped with our tire.  We didn’t know that a service was available and were about to call AAA.  Thank you, Tom and Julie!  Recognized by An Impressed Visitor

Steve Mason
Steve was very helpful when I was trying to park at the Golisano Children’s Hospital.  I was very flustered and he calmly explained I could use the Valet parking and there was no need to use the parking garage.  My two year old grand daughter was in the hospital and I was very rattled.  Steve’s compassion made a stressful situation much easier.  His kindness was most appreciated! Recognized by A Thankful Family Member

Audrey Lindo
Almost everyday someone vomits in the stairwell I walk down to get cars from the lot I valet cars from.  It is not a fun job to clean up after someone, but every time Audrey is there doing her job and the team at the Cancer Center appreciates everything she does to keep everything clean and sanitary.  It is important because it is unhealthy and someone could slip and injure themselves.  Keeping it clean prevents all of that.  Recognized by S. Mason