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November 2019


Jayshawna Israel

Jayshawna ran and got a wheelchair for a patient that was about to collapse. Great job, Jayshawna! Recognized by A Thankful Family Member

Darlene Horton

Darlene made an extra effort to check my parking from the past and deactivated my permit. It stopped my deductions until I return from surgery and disability. She was very professional, kind, went above and beyond, and deserves much recognition for it. It is a pleasure to talk with such a kind, refreshing employee. Thank you, Darlene! Recognized by C. Miller

Fred Shingleton/Eric Hillsman

Fred and Eric deserve recognition! They remained calm, respectful, helpful, and friendly while trying to park cars in a very small parking lot. What a stressful situation for all. To remain calm and professional is to be commended. Recognized by an Appreciate Patient

Eric Hillsman

Eric is a great parking attendant. He seems to be an untiring worker that does his job with pride. He knows how to maneuver cars in their best places allowing people not to be too concerned. Thank you, Eric! Recognized by A Thankful Family Member

John Anderson

John has always been very personable as we exit after attending our Cancer Support group. Typically we are in a “heightened state” after our meetings and John is always so friendly as we exit out the ramp. His demeanor is comforting.  Recognized by A Thankful Family Member

James Doyle

This afternoon, a woman came for an outpatient appointment in the specialty of audiology. This patient needed assistance by wheelchair so she valet parked for her appointment. After arriving to the specialty of audiology she was told her emergent need of loss of hearing appointment was scheduled incorrect, outpatient visits are seen at the UR offsite location at South Clinton. I brought the patient to see James at the parking valet desk. James kindly explained her vehicle wasn’t parked more than 15 minutes and ensured the worried outpatient to wait outside and her vehicle will be here shortly. Thank you for your kindness and efficiency to help this woman make it to the next appointment in just 30 minutes at the South Clinton practice. What you did for her went a long way and she smiled and shared: ‘He was very helpful!’ Thank you James!!  Recognized by A Thankful Family Member