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Our goal is to be Committed to Service of the Highest Order For Ourselves and Our Customers. 


Please help us by celebrating the Transportation and Parking Management staff members who make this happen. Nominate a Strong Star and your remarks will be shared with staff as we recognize those employees who go above and beyond to Move People to Their Learning, Discovering, Healing, Creating Destinations.


February 2019

Arthur Killings

I don’t even think Arthur is aware of how amazing he is and how many smiles he puts on peoples faces throughout the day. Arthur day in and day out has a smile on his face and opens the door for everyone. Arthur takes care of all of us employees as well as visitors and patients. Arthur makes my day better every single day! I love being greeted by him! I love seeing his smile. To him its probably a small thing but imagine coming into the hospital for something you don’t really want to be here for and seeing him smile at you and say hello! Thanks for being awesome Arthur! Recognized by E. Julian

Arthur was kind enough to allow the Baby Love staff to park closer to the exit to pick-up and ready our cars with gifts from Friends of Strong for the families. Arthur’s smile, kindness, and patience with us and others made our visit exceptional. Thank you, Arthur! Recognized by A Grateful Person

Arthur is always willing to help out with patients and doesn’t hesitate to ask if you need help with anything. He is a great contributor to the hospital. His positive attitude makes the work environment fun. Recognized by A Grateful Person

Trent McNish

Trent goes above and beyond every single day! Trent works in the Emergency Department and we (ED Social Workers) often communicate with Trent about scheduled cab transportation for our discharged ED patients so that he is aware, or let him know if we are expecting family or visitors for a patient and that they may need assistance with navigating parking. Trent is approachable, upbeat, compassionate and treats patients, staff and visitors with the utmost respect and kindness. Often times Trent is the first and last person that our visitors and ambulatory patients see in the ED and I am confident that Trent’s presence makes a HUGE difference in their experience. Thank you Trent! Recognized by K. Jobson

Jerry Ford

Whenever leaving the hospital, Jerry is always helpful in guiding patients and their family members about important information about the hospital. I’ve been seeing Mr. Ford for many years and it is a blessing to have him with us. He’s always smiling and keeping all of our spirits up. Recognized by T. Siala

Corina Cruz

With a friendly welcome, Corina is always sparkling, serving all with her best efforts, helping everyone to smoothly get in and out of the hospital. Needing a wheelchair to get around and navigating the world of cancer, her manner always lifts spirits and she is always anxious to help smooth things getting the wheelchair in and out of the hospital and me into the car. Thank you, Corina! Recognized by An Appreciative Patient

Eric Hillsman

Eric helped greatly with parking two days in a row. He provided thoughtful direction when the lot was full and found a space and directed us into it. Very thoughtful and proactive service! He has a great personality and would not accept a tip. Thank you, Eric! Recognized by A Thankful Family Member

I began taking my mom to the Flaum Eye Institute in April of 2018 and from our very first visit there, Eric has made the experience a pleasant one. He is incredibly helpful, efficient, and so polite and well-mannered. He seems to understand that these visits are important and scary for people and he has been unfailingly sweet every time we go. During the summer, my mom forgot her sunglasses and Eric saw us walking out and trying to shield her eyes. He immediately ran over and offered us the sunglasses off his own head! I couldn’t get over it. What a guy, wow! Eric has made my experience at Flaum (as a daughter) immeasurably less stressful and he has made my mom feel valued, taken care of, and seen. I cannot express our gratitude and if I could I would give that guy a huge hug and a great Xmas gift. It’s so nice to see service like that these days. Thank you, Eric, you made a huge difference to both of us. Recognized by A Thankful Family Member

Shirley McCulough

I believe this is the correct Shirley from parking who was working 12/19/18. We had two elderly ladies being discharged at 8 pm. They could not remember where they parked. I looked in Flaum parking lot, went to Pt discharge, main entrance and parking garage with them. Finally security had contacted parking and Shirley came to the rescue. She remembered them and said she knew where the car was and would bring it to the main entrance for them. They were so pleased. Shirley was amazing and I want to recognize her for her help. Recognized by W. Crooks

Alex Houston

I’ve worked the overnight shift for more than a decade, so I always parked in the garage and never really had to deal with the elements. I recently switched to a day time position, so I no longer park in the in the garage. As a result, I was unprepared for the snow that had accumulated on my car by the time I was leaving one evening. As I sat in my car, wondering how long it would take for the snow to melt off, I suddenly saw the snow being brushed off my windshield. Before I knew it, Alex had cleared all of the snow off of my car! It was such a kind gesture, and a perfect end to a long day. Then he was off to help some one else in the same way. Thank you so much Alex for being so kind and thoughtful. It was really appreciated. Recognized by R. Ware-Orr

Cal Nowak

Cal has been very helpful on multiple occasions in Lot 1!! I have been coming to work at 11am and it can be very difficult to find parking. Cal is always very friendly. Recognized by E. Rowe

Denzel Rayam

I want to personally thank Denzel for the great job he is doing in Parking Lot 1. Denzel always is available to assist us in the parking lot. He is very kind and respectful to me. Denzel never hesitate to move a car if you ask him, no matter how rainy or cold it be outside. I am so glad you added Denzel to the parking team. Please try to keep Denzel at the University of Rochester. Recognized by S. Henderson

Matthew Callaghan

Just wanted to give praise to Matt for being a big help in the mornings before I was by myself in the morning it was hard work trying to do multiple things with only one person but ounce Matt stepped in he was more then helpful and willing to learn and for that I thank him. Recognized by D. Rayam