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Our goal is to be Committed to Service of the Highest Order For Ourselves and Our Customers.  

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JUNE 2017

Albert Guy
It has been a rough week and Albert was so helpful.  He is the best!  Recognized by a Thankful Family Member

When we got to Strong ED area and I wondered where to go, I noticed a young man waving and directing us to an entrance.  When we got there, he had wheelchair ready.  By the time I got out of the driver’s seat, he had helped my wife out of the car and was placing her in the wheelchair.  He directed me to the parking lot and he cared for my wife.  When I got back from parking my car, he was back on station and directed me to where he had taken my wife and I found her already being processed.  When we left the hospital, Albert was still on duty and he stayed with my wife and helped her into the car when I pulled up.  Albert did everything with no fuss!  He should be your trainer.  Thank you Albert!  Recognized by a a Thankful Family Member

Albert is very courteous and helpful.  It makes a difference having a great attitude and being helpful.  Albert is just a great person!  Recognized by An Appreciative Patient

Albert showed me kindness by allowing my car to stay on the 15-minute spot while filling out a report with the police.  It was a long and upsetting day and a small kindness went a long way!  Recognized by a Thankful Family Member

I went to warm the car for my husband prior to discharge after several hours in ED.  It was dark and freezing out.  I discovered the lock on the car was frozen.  I spoke to Mr. Guy who was so kind.  He immediately arranged for some lock de-icer.  He came with me and got the door open.  15 minutes later, the car was nice and warm for my husband who was weak and tired.  Thank you Mr. Guy!  Recognized by a Thankful Family Member

On what was probably the worst snow day of the winter, Albert met me with a smile and cheerful greeting when I arrived at the hospital.  He took the time to inquire about how I was doing before he explained how to retrieve my car at the conclusion of my visit.  He certainly was the bright spot in a dismal morning.  Thank you Albert!   Recognized by An Impressed Visitor

Albert is always courteous, polite, and fast.  Today was especially busy and everyone was totally professional and helpful.  I was running late and Albert was so quick and efficient.  He saved me an embarrassment from being late.  Thank you Albert!  Recognized by An Appreciative Patient

Albert makes everyone feel like they are special.  He goes above and beyond in his treatment of everyone!  Recognized by An Appreciative Patient

It has been a rough week and Albert was so helpful!  He is the best!  Recognized by a Thankful Family Member

Samir Plivac
Samir is very courteous.  I was nervous about my appointment and Samir made me feel better!  Recognized by An Appreciative Patient

Samir has very courteous service!  So convenient!  I tried to tip him and he refused!  We needed to see my brother who is a stroke victim.  We were in a hurry and very nervous.  Thank you, Samir!  Recognized by A Thankful Family Member

Samir is friendly and respectful.  It is just important for everyone to treat each other with respect and kindness.  Thank you, Samir!  Recognized by An Impressed Visitor

Erica Benge
Erica is a delightful young lady who is very caring and helpful.  Thank you, Erica.  Recognized by a Grateful Person

On Tuesday morning, Erica helped us out by bringing up wheelchairs for our visitors.  She did this without our asking.  It was a real help to us!  Our visitors so depend on the wheelchairs to be accessible.  Recognized by S. Ballard

Elisenda Morales

We had a patient come into optical that did not speak English and did not have anyone to help interpret.  Elisenda happily came to our rescue and helped our optician communicate effectively in order to ensure the patient received the proper eyewear.  She graciously went above and beyond and we thank her.  Recognized by W. Ruth

Torrance Wright
Torrance called for immediate assistance to an unhealthy problem in Lot 24.  It was a danger to people and the ecosystem!  It was a health threat.  Torrance is continually doing an excellent job.  Recognized by S. Kerner

Richard SanFilippo
A lady arrived in the ED, that was very eager to see her daughter who was coming by ambulance.  While she was frustrated, she asked to speak to a parking supervisor.  Within 5 minutes Richard arrived and helped to calm her down.  Even going above and beyond, by staying with the mother until her daughter arrived and even escorted her back.  Recognized by D. Stoudemire

James Vonglis
James is always proactive in helping staff to find a spot in Lot 1.  Parking after 9 or 9:30 in the morning can be very difficult.  James anticipates the needs of staff and does his best to direct them to a spot where he can move the car with the lockbox, especially those of us who work late hours.  No matter what the weather, rain, snow, or sunshine, he is visible and willing to help.  thank you James, for taking the extra time and effort.  You make parking much easier.  Recognized by B.Harris

Shawn McFadden
Shawn is always seeking opportunities to help others!  I’ve witnessed his willingness to help our department on multiple instances.  Shawn helped our regular guest by greeting her as she arrived at the main entrance, Monday afternoon and offered a wheelchair.  Our guest needs a wheelchair and he took the initiative to set up a wheelchair so the foot pedals were out of the way, brakes were locked, and our guest could be seated, knowing she was safe!  Shawn then transported her inside to the Ambassador Information desk, I stood readily outside the desk to thank Shawn and to welcome and transport our guest to visit her loved on e of 2+ months, an inpatient.  Our guest never misses a chance to thank us and learn our names!  She thanked Shawn and away we went.  This moment really stood out to me as I watch the efforts this family with disabilities bring to support and enlighten our patient who continues to fight for her life!  Excellent work Shawn!  Recognized by J. Rudnitsky