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Our goal is to be Committed to Service of the Highest Order For Ourselves and Our Customers.  

Please help us by celebrating the Transportation and Parking Management staff members who make this happen. Nominate a Strong Star and your remarks will be shared with staff as we recognize those employees who go above and beyond to Move People to Their Learning, Discovering, Healing, Creating Destinations.


APRIL 2018

Eric Hillsman
Eric has been extremely helpful every time I come here, especially when it was snowing.  He cleaned off my car for me and also wouldn’t accept a tip when offered to him. it made it easier when leaving after an eye appointment. His friendly service was much appreciated.  Recognized by an Appreciative Patient

Luis Cruz
Luis helped me out, greatly when I had to register my car for parking. He was kind and professional and made me feel at ease! Thank you Luis for making it a positive experience! Recognized by C. Reschke

Denzel Rayam
I want to recognize Mr. Rayam for attending with the utmost professionalism at the end of my work day. I was walking to my vehicle and remembered that I parked in a “middle spot” of my assigned lot, which often means that I require the assistance of an attendant to move a parked car in order for me to leave. As I approached my car, I saw Mr. Rayam and asked if he could please follow me to let me out of my parking space. Mr. Rayam responded immediately by identifying the type of car I drove and stated that he had already created an open space for me. I was especially surprised, and quite pleasantly so. I am so very impressed with Mr. Rayam and the other parking attendants’ level of professionalism and courteous manner of being available to those who are leaving during the “evening rush” times. I cannot thank Mr. Rayam enough and look forward to continued professional contact with him.  Recognized by S. Tetenov

James Vonglis
James has always been very helpful to me in Lot 1.There was one day in particular where the wind was blowing like crazy, it was freezing cold, and his beard was literally covered with ice. James walks over with a warm smile, says hello, and proceeds to tell me to go ahead and get in my car because he would brush it off for me. I wavered for a moment (struggling a little with feeling guilty) and then got in. He brushed my car off, smiled and waved goodbye. I left the parking lot very impressed and thankful that he’d gone the extra mile to help me out.  Recognized by T. Long

James always has a smile on his face- even in the worst of weather. He is friendly, approachable and always willing to help. Today when I realized I had lost my keys, he eagerly came to my assistance and remembered that a set of keys had been found in Lot 1 and worked with his team to help connect me to the keys. James is a model of the icare values to the staff he helps in Lot 1 everyday – but today his excellence and compassion demonstrated towards me in the midst of my anxiety were especially thoughtful and appreciated. Recognized by A. D’Angelo

James’s smiling face is the perfect way to end a long work day. In the winters James spends any free time he has brushing off employees’ vehicles so that they don’t have to after putting in a full day’s work. James is always smiling and happy, greeting employees as they leave and ensuring they do not need cars moved to exit the parking lot. He consistently goes above and beyond his job expectations and truly touches the lives of Strong Employees more than he knows! Recognized by J. Richard

James went above and beyond his job duties. My windshield had a thick coat of ice on it. He insisted I go inside my car while he scraped the ice off. Thank you, James!  Recognized by A. Kalkbrenner

While I was heading out to my car in lot 1, I noticed that James had been busy brushing off my car and others as well after we had a snow storm. This is not the first time I have witnessed James in an act of kindness, every time I have to work at 11am and have difficulty finding a parking spot, James is always the first one to help me out! Your compassion, dedication and hard work is very appreciated! Thank you so much. Recognized by C. Bonadonna

Kenshawn Smith and Tri Tran

I needed to attend a training and my assigned parking lot was full. I did not know where to park without getting a ticket. Kenshawn & Tri immediately asked if I need help. They showed me another parking lot. They explained that certain parking lots are utilized when other parking lots are full. They also provided directions to the training I needed to attend. Kenshawn & Tri showed exceptional customer services skills, compassion, and respect. They went over and beyond to demonstrate the ICARE values!!!! Thank you both for being an example of the ICARE values! Recognized by A. Aycock

Tri Tran, Step’Han Stoudemire and Richard Cummings
A huge thank you to Tri, Steph’Han and officer Cummings from Public Safety for helping me with a vehicle incident today! I have zero experience with vehicle accidents and had help every step of the process . I was comforted by the knowledge and procedures Steph’Han and Tri had with the situation when I returned to my car today, and comforted by Officer Cummings who gave me the breakdown of my options and saw everything through. A fellow patron was kind enough to leave a note after an accident and I have to thank Steph’Han and Tri making sure I got the right help as soon as possible and Officer Cummings coming to the rescue. Everything has been taken care of properly because of the team work. Thank you all for being quick, sympathetic, respectful and professional the whole time when it just turned rush hour! Recognized by C. Welch

Shawn McFadden
Shawn is consistently friendly and full of smiles! He always seems happy. He brightens up my day each time I see him. I go to the University Health Services every week (usually on Mondays) arriving between 3:30-3:50 pm and have to stop at the parking hub to get my parking pass.  Recognized by A Grateful Person

More DTPM Strong Stars!

Paul Maier

Paul brought our car to the Patient Discharge area and apologized for the fact he was a few minutes late due to heavy volume. He was very helpful and courteous. We had a stressful day and Paul’s professional attitude and friendly demeanor gave us a much needed lift!  Recognized by An Appreciative Patient

Paul assisted me getting out and in to my vehicle numerous times while visiting a family member. He also got me a wheelchair. It was very important because I am unable to walk any distances. Paul was very polite and helpful!  Recognized by An Impressed Visitor

Paul helped me into the passenger side of the car, buckled my seat belt, and placed my Rollator on the seat. I was expecting the driver to help me with the seat belt and my device. Thank you, Paul! Recognized by An Appreciative Patient

Paul was very helpful. He gave us directions and greeted us with a smile. He was patient with our elderly relatives. Thank you, Paul!  Recognized by A Thankful Family Member

Paul had a profound impact on me with his friendliness. It made me feel important, and that is important to me!  Recognized by An Appreciative Patient

Sean Corcoran. Elizabeth Pearson and James Vonglis
Sean, Elizabeth, and James were very helpful in assisting me when I locked my keys in the car and couldn’t drive home. They offered suggestions on who to call and stayed with me until AAA came and unlocked the car two hours later. It showed they not only look out for and ensure security at our parking lots, but also care for their fellow employees. Great ICARE values shown by these wonderful people.  Recognized by B. Abok

Elizabeth Pearson
Elizabeth is always the first to respond when I’m in need of having a car moved to get out of my spot in lot 11. She is not only motivated & hardworking but friendly and pleasant. I always look forward to seeing Elizabeth in the afternoon when I’m leaving work. She deserves to be recognized for her hard work!  Recognized by H. Leonard

Lex Chittakone
Lex was very helpful to our daughter as she obtained her parking pass for an upcoming Senior practicum. He took the time to thoughtfully answer all of her questions and put her mind to rest as she was concerned about the parking situation. It would have been easy for Lex to dismiss her questions, but he made the extra effort to make sure she understood where she was going. This was a new situation and experience for our daughter and Lex really helped her out. Lex’s kindness will never be forgotten. Recognized by A Thankful Family Member

Vanessa Shepherd
She showed the utmost courtesy and kindness with an issue I was having renewing my upcoming Parking permit. She was the fourth person I had spoken to about the issue. She did more in the short time I spoke with her which reduced my anxiety and frustration regarding the renewal process. She exemplifies the “I Care” attitude and is a role model for UF&S Parking. Recognized by T. Minutolo

Tim Coughlin and Matt Schwartz
As a Comprehensive Stroke Center we are always working to improve our work flow to improve patient care and decrease the time to interventions. Timothy and Matthew were very responsive to our request to the parking office for off hours parking for the on call team. Due to their support, dedication to patient care and recognition that parking issues can affect how fast a team member is available for the patient we were able to improve this process. We are grateful for them for their help in this initiative!! Thanks so much!!! Recognized by C. Zink