Nominate a Transportation and Parking Strong Star and help us celebrate the Transportation
and Parking Management staff who go above and beyond to Move People to Their Learning, Discovering, Healing, Creating Destinations.




Peter Costello

In my planning, I had not realized that carrying a sheet cake from Lot 1 to the Main Lobby, would present such a challenge. Pete, noticing that I was struggling to carry not only this celebrative cake but also my other bags, graciously offered to transport me closer to my intended destination. Thank you Pete for the helping hand you gave me. The cake made it to its final destination in “one piece” due to your kind gesture. Recognized by A. Hovey

Vanessa Shepard

Vanessa was so kind to me during a very rough patch when I had difficulty walking and needed assistance in the garage. I came to the office and she greeted me with a smile and a solution. You made my day. Thank you, Vanessa. You are a true Strong Star. Recognized C. Peters

Victoria Dodson

Victoria was attentive, kind, and respectful when dealing with an issue I had. She was professional, collaborative, and helped me solve a problem. Thanks for making a call to transportation so successful! Recognized by M. Goodman

Corina Cruz

Corina provided great service! She had a cheerful smile and was friendly to everyone! She’s a real spirit. Recognized by A Thankful Family Member

Corina’s outgoing personality and smile, every time we are here, is the highlight of our visits. Her presence brings the overall mood up. Thank you, Corina! Recognized by A Thankful Family Member