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JUNE 2019


Eric Hillsman

I would like to recognize this fine young man for his exceptional customer service!! On an especially crowded and busy afternoon while trying to find a place to park to get to the employee pharmacy, Eric made a very kind offer allowing me to park in a spot close to the pharmacy, not obstructing any traffic or other cars. This man’s actions made my day! Thank You, Eric!Recognized by A Grateful Person

Eric directed me into a handicap parking space immediately on seeing my tag. He was very friendly and assisted me in and out of my SUV. He then saw my walker and immediately removed it from the back for me! It is very hard for me to do this sometimes and most people just look the other way. Eric is very friendly and knows how to make people welcome! Recognized by An Appreciative Patient

Eric was very professional and kind. The parking lot was overfilled due to appointments and he did not get frustrated. He formulated a plan and executed it to the point that no one missed appointments or waited long to park. Thank you, Eric! Recognized by an Appreciative Patient

Shirley McCullough

Shirley was very patient, helpful, and courteous in my endeavor at the emergency room entrance! I appreciated all the help! My wife was admitted to Strong and stayed there for four days. We are from Tennessee and we really appreciated Shirley’s help! Recognized by A Thankful Family Member

Shirley treated me with respect, asked about my family member, and went to retrieve my car! I am 90 years old and I walk with a cane. She gave me a hug when I needed it!  Recognized by A Thankful Family Member

Arthur Killings

Everyone benefits from Art’s smiling, pleasant and upbeat demeanor. I have seen him compassionately speak with patients and families, assist with many difficult transportation issues, open doors, holding hands, the list goes on. It is the little gestures that speak volumes –Every day coming into work–I get a smile and “how you doing?”
Thank you, Art, for your infectious, happy attitude! Recognized by K. Hayden, RN

Helena Chamberlain

Helena was very nice and happy to help me. She rocks!!!!! Recognized by A Grateful Person

Matthew Callaghan

Just wanted to give praise to Matt for being a big help in the mornings before I was by myself in the morning it was hard work trying to do multiple things with only one person but once Matt stepped in he was more then helpful and willing to learn and for that I thank him. Recognized by D. Rayam

Corina Cruz

Corina is so helpful and a breath of fresh air! She makes you smile just in the way she greets you! Thank you, Corina.  Recognized by An Appreciative Patient

After getting radiation to my brain, I waited two hours for Apple Transportation to take me home. The wait is usually one hour. After the first hour, Shauntice called and was told a car was on the way. Rob and Corina also called four times and got the same story. They all went above and beyond to help me get home. Thank you so much! Recognized by An Appreciative Patient

I have the pleasure of working with Corina when at The Wilmont Cancer Center. Corina’s bright and cheerful personality is a pleasure to witness. Corina is always ready, willing and able to help out when needed. I hear patients, family members and friends (that she provides Valet service for) rave about her upbeat and positive personality and how nice she is. Corina always has a smile on her face as she greets and assist them. Corina exhibits the I CARE values on a daily basis and brightens the day of all who come in contact with her. Thank you Corina for being awesome! Recognized by J. Gainey

Tony Rivituso

Tony is very helpful with parking and he is very nice. Thank you! Recognized by An Appreciative Patient

Jason Walters/Mustafa Nahar

A huge shout out to Jason and Mostafa for their quick attention to detail . On a day when I arrived to work later than usual and rushing to find a parking spot in the 3D parking, Jason and Mostafa noticed me searching for an appropriate spot and immediately turned the vehicle around to met me. Nervous about how I could possible back into such a tight spot, he even offered to park for me. Thank you so much for your kindness and quick response!! You have made what is typically a stressful process extremely easy !! Recognized by K. Kozak