River Campus First-Year Student Move-in, Impact on Staff Parking, 8/21

First-year students will arrive on campus and move into housing on Wednesday, August 21. This will have significant impact on campus traffic flow and parking all day.  Valentine Lot, all of Zone 3 South (Park Lot) and the entire length of Intercampus Lot will be closed so that they can be used by students and their families.  Employees who regularly park in these lots will need to park at the (BAAC) Bloch Alumni and Advancement Center, located at 300 East River Road.  There will be a shuttle available between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. running directly between the River Campus and BAAC.  Any cars left in Zone 3 South after 5 a.m. will be towed to the far end of the lot at the owner’s expense.

Employees may want to consult with their supervisors and consider taking Wednesday, August 21 as a vacation day to reduce the congestion.  The College appreciates University departments considering vacation requests, if they don’t disrupt departmental activities. This helps reduce the load on alternative parking and traffic flow.

Specific questions related to parking can be directed to the Parking Management Center (PMC) at 585-275-4524 or through email at parking@rochester.edu