Hop a bus and save money with reasonable fares.  Use the RTS trip planner to find your route and view/download bus schedules at www.myrts.com.  Track your bus in real time online or through the smartphone app.

Where’s My Bus?

WHERE’S MY RTS BUS? – real time/map, find nearest bus stop, plan your trip, get service alerts and more!

RTS Bus Fares

For a small fare each way, employees can purchase a year of passes with pre-tax money through payroll deduction. To learn more, sign up or pick up passes, stop by the Parking Management Center at  275.4524.

$10.00 – Stored-Value Tap&Go
$56.00 – Adult 31-Day Unlimited Pass Tap&Go


45/45X SOUTH AVENUE – South Ave, Elmwood and Highland Neighborhoods

25 THURSTON/MCC – Genesee Neighborhoods

19 PLYMOUTH – Plymouth and Cornhill Neighborhoods

24 MARKETPLACE – Mt. Hope, Marketplace Mall

51 S. CLINTON – Sawgrass and Clinton Crossings

4/4X GENESEE – Brookslanding, St. Mary’s Hospital (Unity Health)

28/28X GENESEE PARK/STRONG – Genesee Park Blvd Neighborhoods

48/48X UNIVERSITY – University Avenue, Twelve Corners, Elmwood/S.Clinton

104 BROCKPORT – Rochester Tech Park, Spencerport, Brockport